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A new way to track your spend
To help you keep tabs on your spending we've developed Spendlytics, a free mobile app for personal banking customers. To learn more, take a look at the Spendlytics video

We want to help you view, analyse and track your debit or credit card spend in detail and budget more effectively. Spendlytics is not available for business banking customers, but you can continue to view and manage your accounts using Mobile Banking

Spendlytics can help you to budget more effectively, providing a clearer picture of where your money is spent with no need to make a note of or remember what you’ve spent and where.

You can:

  • Analyse spend over time periods - daily, weekly, monthly or yearly - with helpful insights and comparisons
  • Track/analyse spend by several different categories including 'food & drink', 'everyday travel' and 'supermarkets'
  • Track spend by brand or retailer so you can see where you’re spending
  • Get bite-size pieces of information on your spending habits with 'Spend Nuggets' at the bottom of the screen
  • Spendlytics lets you break down all of your Santander debit and credit card spending, either by individual card or a combination of them all.

Downloading the app and logging on for the first time
You can download Spendlytics from your app store by searching 'Spendlytics'. Or, if you use Apple Pay, you’ll find a link in the Wallet app. When you've downloaded the app, log on once using your Online & Mobile Banking credentials, then in the future you have the option to log on simply using your Touch ID (or device equivalent). This makes accessing the app much quicker and more convenient, wherever you are. You must already have Touch ID (or device equivalent) set up on your phone.

If you're an iPhone, iPad or AndroidTM phone user

Spendlytics is available to Santander debit and credit card customers using an Apple device running iOS 8.0 or above or Android device running AndroidTM 4.4 (KitKat® or higher). Spendlytics is available to all personal Santander debit card users and main credit cardholders. It is not available for additional credit cardholders or Business Banking customers

Frequently asked questions

  • Spendlytics focuses purely on Santander debit and credit card spend allowing you to get a level of insight and analysis not possible within the mobile banking app. It doesn’t include transactions made on savings accounts, ISAs or other products. Currently, Spendlytics is not available for Santander business banking customers.

    Spendlytics helps you to understand your spend patterns in more detail, but does not show all transactions such as Direct Debits and standing orders. You should continue to use the Santander Mobile Banking app for everyday banking.

  • Most transactions will be visible immediately but a small number of transactions such as those with a contactless credit or debit card may take up to 4 days to appear depending on the merchant. Spendlytics may show your transactions before they are shown in the Santander Personal Mobile Banking app.

  • The categories are based on Merchant Category Codes. These are industry category codes which identify, for example, a retailer as a supermarket, department store or petrol station. These can't be changed as the codes are assigned by retailers themselves.

  • The app recognises any refunds and highlights these individually. However it doesn’t subtract these from the total spend, so the total spend amount shown may be higher than the actual spend after refunds

  • Additional credit card holders won't be able to use this app. However any spend carried out by an additional cardholder will appear in the primary cardholders Spendlytics app.

  • Security is our highest priority. Our log on process requires dual pieces of information for a customer to gain access to their account and all the information that flows between us and our customers is encrypted. What's more, our Online Banking Guarantee covers any losses from Mobile Banking fraud.

    We don't store any account information on your mobile device but just to be sure, you should avoid sharing the device you bank on. If someone else has access to it, then you should clear the browsing data, cache and cookies. Also, it is good practice to password protect your device and not store security codes or passwords on it.

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