Over 50s Life Insurance

Provided, administered and underwritten by Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited

Over 50s life insurance

What you can get


  • If you’re a 1I2I3, 1I2I3 Lite or Select Current Account customer other benefits are available
  • Life protection from Aviva, the UK's largest insurer
  • Your monthly payments won't increase once you've taken out the policy
  • Guaranteed acceptance with no health questions

Over 50s Life Insurance lets you leave a fixed lump sum to your loved ones when you die. It provides guaranteed life cover and is available to UK residents aged 50 to 80 years inclusive. 

The policy can only cover you, and the amount of cover you'll get depends on your age and the amount you pay. When you apply there are no health checks and Aviva won't ask any questions about your lifestyle.

If you’re a UK resident aged 50 to 80 years old, you’re guaranteed to be able to get Over 50s Life Insurance. There’ll be no medical, no health questions, and your cover will start as soon as we’ve put your application through.

The Over 50s Life Insurance policy has the option to select either the amount of cover required or the monthly premium you would like to pay.

Depending on how long you’ve had the policy, the amount paid out on death may be less than the amount you’ve paid in premiums.

You can take out more than one policy, as long as your monthly premium across all of your Aviva Over 50s Life Insurance policies taken out with Santander, are not more than £100 in total.

You can leave your guaranteed lump sum to your loved ones when you die. If you die in the first year as the result of an accident, the policy will pay out the lump sum. If you die from any other cause in the first year, the policy will pay out an amount equal to the premiums paid. If you die after the first year the policy will pay out the guaranteed lump sum.


Applying for life protection 

Apply online or over the phone.

  • If you don’t need advice, call us on 0800 085 0540.
  • To book an appointment in a branch (where you’ll receive protection advice), please call 0800 068 6699.
  •  If you don't pay your premiums during the premium term, your policy and your cover will end 60 days after your last payment was due and you won't get any money back.
  • The lump sum paid is fixed, so inflation will reduce what it can buy in the future. You should review your cover to ensure that it remains adequate over time.
  • Depending on how long you have the policy for, the amount paid out on your death may be less than the total amount you've paid in premiums.
  • The policy has no cash in value at any time.

Using a trust could prove tax-efficient

You can put your life insurance policy in trust.

The lump sum paid out on death is currently free from income and capital gains tax. Your policy may be subject to inheritance tax unless you put it in a suitable trust. 

If you're unsure on whether you should put your policy in trust you should seek specialist legal advice. Tax rules may change in the future.

See our forms below for more information

Aviva Guide to Protection Trust (pdf)

Aviva Survivor Trust Form (pdf)

Aviva Discretionary Gift Trust Form (pdf)
The Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulatory Authority do not regulate taxation and trust advice.

You could get £75 cashback when you buy a new Santander life protection plan.

The £75 cashback will be paid after 180 days of the policy start date, as long as your policy hasn't been cancelled. This offer can be withdrawn at any time, for full Terms and Conditions, visit the important documents section.

Offer available from 10 August 2020.

If you’re a 1|2|3, 1|2|3 Lite or Select Current Account customer

Earn 2% cashback on Santander life protection premiums, (administered and underwritten by Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited) when you pay by Direct Debit from your 1|2|3, 1|2|3 Lite or Select Current Account.​

The amount of cashback you can earn is capped at £5 per month in each of the 1%, 2% and 3% cashback categories. There’s no cap on cashback before 5 May 2020.

The 1|2|3 Current Account and Select Current Account have a £5 monthly fee to maintain the account and the 1|2|3 Lite Current Account has a £1 monthly fee to maintain the account. 

To earn cashback you must pay in at least £500 a month (excludes internal transfer) and have at least two active Direct Debits. 1|2|3 Lite Current Account customers must also log on to Online or Mobile Banking at least once in every three months.

Cashback is paid monthly. You may hold a maximum of two 1|2|3 Current Accounts or Select Current Accounts, one in your name and one in joint names. You must be 18 or over and a UK resident. For details of our fees and interest rates, visit santander.co.uk or ask for the latest Key Facts Document in branch.

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