Banking in your branch

Find out how to book an appointment in branch and ways you can bank online to save time.

When visiting our branches you’ll be able to:

  • use our cash machines to withdraw cash, deposit cash or cheques and check your balance 
  • open accounts (you'll need a branch appointment to do this)
  • get help and guidance on using Mobile and Online Banking services.

Call us to book an appointment in branch 

Use our branch locator tool to find a branch or cash machine near you 

You can also book an appointment to talk about Investments, life insurance or Business Banking overdrafts

Find help and support on our website

Our support pages could save you a trip to the branch.

A Power of Attorney lets you arrange for someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf

Get support and find out what you need to do when someone dies

How we can support your accessibility needs

Data protection

This is our privacy statement and explains how we use and keep your information safe

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