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Banking at a branch

We serve millions of customers in our branches every year and understand that friendly, face-to-face banking is as important as ever.

Deposit cheques at our branches and cash machines
The easiest and quickest way to deposit a cheque into your account is by using a cash machine at one of our branches or over the counter. 

  • For deposits over the counter, we can accept cheques to be paid into any type of account.
  • For deposits at the cash machine, we can accept cheques paid into current accounts or savings accounts.

You can use most of our cash machines at any time but 9 of our branches only have internal cash machines and not external ones. These branches are: Canterbury, Canary Wharf, Chelsea, Isle of Man, Oxford City, St Neots, Surbiton, Tenterden and Wells. 

If any of these branches are closed, you can’t use the internal cash machines to deposit cheques. 

Please note that some of our branches are now temporarily closed because of coronavirus.

Posting your cheques
You can use the postal service to deposit cheques into your current accounts, credit card accounts or savings accounts with a sort code and account number. We can’t accept cheques for mortgage or loan payments in the post.

  • If you have a paying-in slip, complete it and send it back to us with the cheque.
  • As a precaution, please take a photo of any cheques you send to us or keep a note of the cheque details. 
  • If you don’t have a paying-in slip, you can still deposit your cheque. Please write your postcode, sort code and account number the cheque is to be credited to on the back of the cheque. Without this information, we won’t be able to pay in your cheque. Read our banking at the Post Office guide to learn how to request paying-in slips. 

Please send your cheques to:
Santander Processing, P.O. Box 12644, Harlow, CM20 9QH

In our Santander branches you can:

  • talk to us in person
  • use our ATMs to withdraw cash, deposit cash or cheques and check your bank balance
  • open accounts
  • get help and guidance on using our Online Banking services
  • speak to our qualified mortgage, business and Select specialist adviser teams
  • and much more.

You can find your nearest branch and check opening hours with our branch locator

In our branches you can find:

  • automatic doors and at least one low-level counter
  • private rooms on request to discuss your requirements
  • cash machines inside most branches for increased security
  • hearing loops to support hearing aids
  • a welcome for all assistance dogs
  • in Wales, help with your banking in Welsh if you prefer.

Booking an appointment

It's easy to book online
You can book an appointment online in any of our branches for a time which suits you. When you book online remember to include your phone number.

When you've booked an appointment
You'll receive an email which includes anything you'll need to bring with you (such as identification). You can also save the appointment into your smart device calendar as a reminder. We'll contact you ahead of your appointment to introduce ourselves.

Data protection
This is our privacy statement and explains how Santander uses and keeps your information safe

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