Same app. New features. Our mobile banking app just got even better.

Want to be better at saving? If you’re trying to be better with your money, our latest development has been designed with you in mind. Now, as well as banking on the go, our mobile banking app lets you get tailored ‘insights’ into how you spend with its newest feature – My Money Manager.

My Money Manager looks at what you do in your Santander accounts and sends you the information to help you be smarter about your spend. Just sign up for it in the app and you’re good to go.

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One mobile phone with My Money Manager screen and another with an insight
Mobile phone with bills insight from My Money Manager

Know where you’re at with your bills

We’ll let you know if your bills are higher than usual, or if you spent more on shopping than usual.


Mobile phone with monthly spend screen

Check your monthly spend

How much you spent, where you spent it, all in one handy place, every month. 


Mobile phone with refund message from My Money Manager

See when you’ve had a refund

Waiting to hear back about something you’ve bought from a shop or online retailer and then returned? We'll let you know when your refund is in your account.


A breakdown of money coming into a Santander bank account

See when money comes in

Get insights when your salary, benefits or pension arrive in your account.


Your insights are just for you

You might not receive the insights shown above, because your insights are based on how you spend. You can rate insights to show whether or not you like them, and we’ll send you more of what you like. The more you use your accounts, the more insights you’re likely to get.

We send your insights as messages from Mobile Banking, then you can go into your My Money Manager inbox to see more.

How do I get My Money Manager?

Simply log on to Mobile Banking as you normally would, and follow the 3 steps. 


Look out for the icon in the top right

Log on to your Mobile Banking by clicking the icon in top-right


You’ll be given a short intro

My Money Manager intro screenshot



Accept the T&Cs and you’re in

Accept T&Cs


Don’t have Mobile Banking? It’s easy to sign up

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Available now for some of our Android customers, coming soon for the rest of Android and iOS.

How does it work?

My Money Manager looks at how and where you spend using the information from any current account, savings account or credit card you have with us. It’s in your mobile banking app so you just have to sign up and you’ll be able to receive insights and see them in the app.

Who can use it?

To use My Money Manager you need to: 

  • have a personal banking current account, savings account or credit card with us
  • be signed up for Online and Mobile Banking and have the most up-to-date version of the mobile app installed
  • be 16 or over.

Your information is protected

As My Money Manager sits in your mobile banking app it’s just as secure.

If you need help

Use our handy ‘Chat’ which you can find on the right hand side of any of our web pages.

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