Credit card repayment calculator

For your credit card, you’ll need to pay the minimum payment each month. For Santander this is 1% of your balance and any interest and fees you have incurred. Your minimum payment will go down as you reduce your balance.

To pay off your balance sooner, you can fix your monthly payment to an amount higher than your minimum each month. This will save you money on interest charged on your credit card.

Use the calculator to see how much you could save if you increase your monthly payment.

Minimum payment

Your results

Figures are estimated and based on making the minimum payment each month

To make sure you meet the minimum monthly payment, you need to enter an amount of £0

  • If your fixed monthly payment is

  • You'll pay your card off in

    0 years and 0 months
  • Interest will cost

  • Making only the minimum payment could take

    0 years 0 months faster
  • So paying more you could end up

    Saving £0

Things to remember when using the calculator

This calculator is for illustrative purposes only.

It assumes:

  • There's no other debt on your card. It doesn't include default charges, annual card fees, any future spend or balance transfers.
  • Your interest rate could change if you've used cash or a promotional interest rate in the period. 
  • The credit card balance is on your Santander credit card statement. Other credit card providers have different minimum payment amounts. 

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