Changes to laws or banking regulations can affect your savings accounts and other banking services. We always alert you to any changes in your account's terms and conditions, and we also update this page regularly to clearly communicate any changes.

This page shows the latest changes to our savings accounts. You can find the changes to other types of accounts in the links on the right.

All changes have been applied since 13 January 2018, unless we've stated otherwise.

Our Instant Saver account has changed to become a 'payment account'. 

A payment account has no restriction on how much you can pay in or withdraw from the account. Examples of payment accounts include ordinary current accounts and instant savings accounts. 

A non-payment account can have restrictions or fees for transactions in or out of the account. Examples of non-payment accounts include Fixed Term Bonds, which charge a fee for withdrawals, or an ISA where there's a restriction on how much you can save each year.

Payment accounts

Non-payment accounts 


Regular eSaver 

Everyday Saver

Fixed Term Accounts 

Instant Saver


Flexible Saver for Kids

Retirement Investment Account (ANRIA)

First HomeSaver Special Issue 1

Santander Shareholder Account 

Rate for Life

Santander Shareholder Default Account 

Charity Investment Account

See the updated current and savings account Terms and Conditions

New services allow you to give certain companies (third parties) access to some of your accounts, including your instant access savings accounts, so that they can provide services such as account aggregation. (Instant access savings accounts don't include cash ISAs, Fixed Term Bonds or Regular eSaver accounts).

You can now: 

  • instruct a third party provider to make a payment on your behalf 
  • allow a third party provider to view and hold data about your account. 

If you authorise a third party provider to make a payment, you can't stop it so please check you're happy to authorise them to carry out such transactions. 

When you give permission to a third party provider to access your account, they'll have the same level of access as you. For example, if you can't make payments online then neither with the third party provider.

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