Mortgage overpayments

Making overpayments reduces your mortgage balance, so you'll pay less interest on your mortgage. You can choose between reducing your term or your monthly payments with single overpayments. Regular overpayments will reduce your term.

How to make an overpayment

If you have a mortgage with us, you can make overpayments in Mobile and Online Banking.

There are 3 ways you can make overpayments.

  • Single overpayments: These are one-off. You can make them online using a debit card in your name or a Santander current or savings account.
  • Regular overpayments: You can amend your existing Direct Debit to pay more on top of your monthly mortgage payment. Once set up, you can amend or cancel your regular overpayment online at any time.
  • A mix of the two: You can make extra single overpayments even if you've already got a regular monthly overpayment set up. 

If you have an interest only mortgage, you can set up overpayments online. However, you can only choose to reduce your mortgage payments. To reduce your mortgage term, get in touch with our mortgage team. 

How much can you overpay?

How much you can overpay will depend on whether your Santander mortgage is on a fixed rate or not. 

On a fixed rate:

Overpay up to 10% of the outstanding balance each calendar year (January to December) without paying an early repayment charge. If you don’t use your full 10% allowance in any calendar year, you won’t be able to carry it over to future years. 

  • If you overpay more than 10% of the outstanding balance each calendar year, you’ll have to pay an early repayment charge on the amount over 10%. You can find out what your early repayment charge will be in Mobile or Online Banking, your original mortgage offer or annual mortgage statement.
  • You won’t be able to use the 10% allowance if you’re paying off your mortgage in full or transferring to a new deal where you need to pay an early repayment charge.

Not on a fixed rate:

You can make unlimited overpayments without paying an early repayment charge.

Overpayments calculator

See how making an overpayment could reduce your monthly payments or pay your mortgage off sooner.

Make an overpayment

You can set up, edit and cancel  overpayments in Mobile or Online Banking. Log on, choose your mortgage account and then ‘Manage my mortgage’.

Get online

You can get instant access to Mobile and Online Banking using your account details. You’ll need to have the mobile phone number that's currently registered for One Time Passcodes (OTPs) to hand. 
Mobile and Online Banking log on details are the same.

To make an overpayment in Mobile or Online Banking:


Pick your mortgage in the account summary screen



From here, click ‘Manage my mortgage’​​​​



Then choose ‘Overpayments’


If you can’t make overpayments online, get in touch with our mortgage team.

Other ways to pay off your mortgage

If you’re thinking of paying off your mortgage in full, take a look at our paying off your mortgage early page.


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