You can repay your mortgage in full at any time before the end of your mortgage term. This is also known as redeeming your mortgage. 

Find out how much you need to pay back
You’ll need your settlement figure. This is the amount you owe on your mortgage including interest. It may also include additional fees, such as an early repayment charge or a mortgage account fee.

Details of any early repayment charges can be found in your original mortgage offer or in Mobile and Online Banking. Take a look at our managing your mortgage online page for more information.

We can consider waiving an early repayment charge if you have an existing fixed rate mortgage with us and you're diagnosed with dementia. Please get in touch so we can review your circumstances.

You can view your settlement figure in both Mobile and Online Banking and how to start the redemption process once you’re ready.

For Mobile Banking: 

  • log on to your mobile account
  • tap your mortgage on the homepage
  • choose ‘Manage my mortgage’
  • tap ‘Get settlement figure’.

For Online Banking: 

  • log on to your account 
  • find your mortgage on the homepage
  • click on ‘Manage your mortgage’ in the drop down menu next to your mortgage details 
  • choose ‘Get settlement figure’.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to request your settlement figure.

Once you have your figure, should you decide to go ahead and redeem your mortgage, contact us and we’ll guide you through the process. We’ll send you a mortgage redemption statement that will give you the full breakdown of all the details.

If you’re not looking to pay back your mortgage completely

We may be able to help you in other ways if you don't want to pay back your mortgage in full. Take a look at our options below. 

Change your deal

If you keep your mortgage with us and change to a new deal, there's no legal or valuation fees and we don't need to do an income or credit check. Take a look at deals in your Mobile or Online Banking. Alternatively, please contact us

Moving home

We can give you an instant decision in principle without impacting your credit score. Take a look at our moving home page for existing customers for more information.

Borrow more

Looking to borrow more for your next project or big purchase? Take a look at the borrowing more money section on our change your mortgage page for more information about eligibility and ways to apply.

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