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Santander mobile app current account screen shows in and outgoings

With Mobile Banking you can make payments on the move, manage your money, and create a budget. You can even get cashback on your spending with Retailer Offers, which lets you earn cashback from a variety of major retailers.

Our in-app feature My Money Manager helps you save money with free, helpful insights based on what you do in your Santander accounts. And the more you use your accounts, the more insights you’re likely to get. We’ll send messages straight to your phone or device when a new insight arrives.



Getting started

If you have Online Banking you can download our mobile banking app to your phone or device and log on with the same details. 

If you aren’t yet registered for Mobile Banking, you can get started today. You’ll just need your phone and account details to hand. 

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If you’ve forgotten your Mobile Banking details or you’re locked out of your account, you can reset your details

Need help using the app? Contact us if you’ve downloaded the app and you’re having trouble signing in. Or click Chat with us on the right-hand side of this screen to speak with our digital assistant Sandi, who can help answer your questions. 


What you can do

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Account management

You can manage your account with these handy in-app features.


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Digital features

Our tech-savvy app features are designed to help you bank with ease.


An overview of your card options


Card management

Keep on top of your cards in the app.


Paying in cheques

You can’t deposit cheques using our mobile banking app. Take a look at our cheques support page to find out how you can pay a cheque in.

How does Mobile Banking compare to Online Banking?

You have more options to take care of your cards and accounts in our mobile app. You can also sign up for My Money Manager, which looks at what you do in your Santander accounts and sends you helpful 'insights' to help you be smarter about your spend.  
Take a look at our table below to see what you can do exclusively in Mobile Banking compared to Online Banking and what you can do in both.

FeaturesMobile Banking Online Banking
Make payments and transfers
green tick
green tick
View, cancel or set up standing orders
green tick
green tick
View or cancel Direct Debit
green tick
green tick
View statements
green tick
green tick
Pay your credit card
green tick
green tick
Link external accounts with Open Banking
green tick
Red Cross
Report your card as lost, stolen or damaged
green tick
Red Cross
View your PIN
green tick
Red Cross
Mastercard card controls (freeze/unfreeze, gambling, international, contactless and online blocks)
green tick
Red Cross
My Money Manager spending and insights tool
green tick
Red Cross
Update your personal details
Red Cross
green tick

Retailer Offers is a free service that lets you earn up to 15% cashback from a variety of major Retailers. Once you switch on Retailer Offers in Online or Mobile Banking, you’ll be able to choose the offers and earn cashback when using your Santander debit or credit cards.

Here are some examples of retailers you may get offers from:

Sky Retailer Offers
Coop Retailer Offers
Just Eat Retailer Offers

To switch on Retailer offers in Mobile Banking, click ‘More’ at the bottom-right of the screen, choose ‘Retailer Offers’, then follow the on-screen instructions. 

For further information take a look at our Retailer Offers page

Devices that have been jailbroken or rooted have had their security settings changed from the device standard, which can mean that they are more vulnerable to malware and fraudulent attacks. We block access to the app from these devices as an additional security measure, to help keep your details and your accounts safe.

If your device is jailbroken or rooted, you'll need to use Mobile Banking on a different device. If you don’t want to do this, you can still see your accounts by logging on to Online Banking.

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