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Find out how much you could borrow and what your monthly payments could be. See the impact an overpayment on your mortgage could make, or how much extra you could borrow on your existing mortgage.

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How much could I borrow?

Whether you're buying your first home, moving home or remortgaging to us, see how much you could borrow.

Compare our rates

As a new customer, see what mortgage rates you could get and what your monthly payments could be.

Home deposit calculator

Figure out how much you may need for your deposit.

Budget calculator

Work out what you spend each month using our budget calculator.

Mortgage overpayment calculator

Check how much you could save by making one-off or regular overpayments.

Additional borrowing

As an existing Santander mortgage customer see how much extra you could borrow and our latest rates.

Change my mortgage

Estimate how much your mortgage payments might be if you changed your mortgage term, repayment method or interest rate.

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