Work out what you spend each month using our budget calculator.

The calculator assumes the figures you enter are based on monthly amounts, so if you have a weekly, quarterly or annual amount, just change the frequency box and the calculator will do the sums for you.

Monthly Outgoings
Monthly outgoings
Amount you pay
Monthly cost
Food, drink and clothing

Household goods and services

Utility bills, council tax and buildings and contents insurance


Entertainment and recreation


Nursery, school, childcare, college and university fees

Maintenance for financial dependants

Miscellaneous spending e.g. luxury items, gifts etc.

Other regular spending

Insurance premiums and pension contributions

Costs relating to other properties you own - can be with or without a mortgage

Ground rent and service charge if a leasehold property

Shared Ownership

Monthly Financial Commitments
Monthly financial commitments
Amount you pay
Monthly cost
Total credit/store card commitments for all applicants

Total unsecured loan commitments for all applicants

Loans secured against your home

Total Monthly Spend