Sharing your finances with another person can be a convenient and sensible approach to organising your money. A joint bank account will do this for you.

How to add or remove a joint account holder

  • If you’re applying for a new account, you can add a joint account holder during your application – online, on the phone, or in branch.
  • If you already have an account, you can add or remove account holders by making an appointment at your local branch

Some accounts don't allow joint account holders. To find out if a joint account is available to you, please see your specific account's Key Facts Document.

How joint accounts work

  • You’ll both get your own debit card or cash card, depending on the account you have, as well as a chequebook (if required), so you can pay for things and withdraw money independently.
  • You can both pay money into the account, or just one of you can – it’s up to you.
  • Either of you can use the account. You both get access to our branches, ATMs, Telephone Banking and Online Banking.
  • Each account holder must update their own details within Online Banking.
  • If both of you are paying money into the account then you could have a higher balance to earn interest on, or a larger Arranged Overdraft facility.
  • If money is owed on the account each of you is responsible for the whole debt no matter who created it.
  • Please bear in mind that either of you can make withdrawals, write cheques, set up Arranged Overdrafts or use the cash machine without the knowledge of the other person.
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