ISA transfers

Transferring ISAs from other providers

You can transfer ISAs you have with other providers at any time. Though, for transfers into a Fixed Rate ISA, check the Key Facts Document. For Fixed Rate ISAs, the money you're transferring must reach your Santander ISA within 30 days of opening.

Please be aware it can take up to 30 days to receive your funds from when we receive your request to transfer funds.

Before you transfer your ISA to us you’ll need to consider these points:

  • You’ll first need to open a Santander ISA.
  • We don't charge a transfer fee but other providers may. 
  • You can transfer some or all the money that you’ve paid into an ISA in previous tax years. If you want to transfer money that you’ve paid into an ISA in the current tax year, you’ll need to transfer all of it. From 6 April 2024, some providers may allow you to transfer some of your current tax year subscriptions. However, Santander  only accepts transfers of current tax year subscriptions in full.
  • If you transfer an ISA in full to us and have built up previous tax year flexible allowances with your current provider, you’ll lose that allowance when you transfer to us.
  • If you want to use the flexible allowance you should re-deposit into your existing ISA before you transfer to us.
  • Transferring money out of a Help to Buy: ISA will impact the bonus you may receive.

If your Child Trust Fund (CTF) is due to mature or has matured

You can transfer all or part of your maturing CTF, your matured CTF or Protected ISA to one of our cash ISAs. If your CTF is maturing, the transfer will only happen at the point of maturity, on your 18th birthday. You are allowed to transfer part of the money held in your account. Before doing that, you must tell your existing provider what you want to do with the rest of the money.

The ISA manager for Santander cash ISAs is Santander UK plc. For Santander stocks and shares ISAs the ISA manager is Santander ISA Managers Limited. This means that transfers between Santander cash ISAs and Santander stocks and shares ISAs should be treated as transfers between ISA providers.

Transfer ISA in

Cash ISA transfer form (67 KB)
Stocks and Shares ISA transfer form (pdf) (75 KB)
Innovative Finance ISA transfer form (pdf) (77 KB)
Lifetime ISA transfer form (pdf) (71 KB)
Matured Child Trust Fund and Protected ISA transfer form (pdf) (76 KB)

To transfer from another cash ISA provider to Santander's Help to Buy ISA, please fill out the transfer form (1.18 MB)

Transferring other Santander cash ISAs

You can combine all of your Santander cash ISA balances into one cash ISA. 

To combine your cash ISAs, please use the Santander Cash ISA transfer form below. 

Santander Cash ISA transfer form (pdf) (78 KB)

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