Women and investing

We’re exploring new ways to support women with investing

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Why are women often confident about money and saving but reluctant to invest?

We’re looking at new ways to support women who could benefit from investing but find there's something holding them back.

Get inspired with stories from women we spoke to about their personal experience of investing.

Check out our exclusive research report where we spoke to over 2,000 UK women.


Did you know everyone has a money personality?

Did you know we all have a ‘money personality’? 

Savvy financial coach Emma Maslin is an expert on this subject, and joins our event for women, exploring how we can change our connection with money for the better and achieve financial wellbeing




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The Money Whisperer

Building confidence in investing

We talk to Emma Maslin, The Money Whisperer, about the investing habits of women and ways to boost confidence in investing.

You can also watch a short snippet about women and investing on our Twitter and TikTok.


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