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Santander Home Insurance is arranged and administered by Aviva Insurance Limited

Before you begin, it's important that you read and understand the information below.

How we use your personal information and automated processing

The personal information you give us, or information that we already have about you, will be used by Aviva to provide your home insurance quote and to service your policy.

If we already have any personal information about you (for example if you have other Santander products), we will process your information, including information about transactions on your accounts, using automated means.

This gives an indication of your insurance risk score (which could be higher or lower) and we will share this score with Aviva, who will use this information to calculate a more accurate home insurance and subsequent renewal price for you. If you have a higher risk score, then this may result in a higher price and vice versa. It’s known as ‘automated processing’ and we will need your consent to do this.

If you’re not comfortable with us using automated processing, please don’t go ahead with this quote.


Key documents

For more on how we and Aviva will use and process your personal information, please read these documents. 

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