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We’ve chosen to work with Aviva as our insurance provider. They’re responsible for underwriting Santander Home Insurance.

It should only take you a few minutes to get your quote online, however before you begin, it’s important that you read and understand the information below.

How we use your personal information

The answers you provide which will include your personal information, will be used by Aviva to give you a quote, and to service any future policy.

If you’re a Santander customer, we will already hold some of your personal information. This will give us a better idea about your insurance risk. If we do hold any relevant information, we’ll process this information (including in relation to transactions on your account) using automated means, to create a score for you. We’ll share this score with Aviva so they can work out a more accurate price (and future renewal price) for you.  Usually, the higher your risk the higher your price will be (and vice-versa).

We need your consent to process your personal information using automated means. If you’re OK with it, please tick the box below so we know you’re happy to continue. If you’re not comfortable with this type of processing, then we’re unable to progress your quote. 


Key documents

For more on how we and Aviva will use and process your personal information, please read these documents. 

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