Reporting a lost or stolen card

As soon as you realise that your card has been lost or stolen, report it to us. We’ll immediately cancel that card and send a replacement to you in the post.

Alternatively, if you think you’ve misplaced your card, you can freeze and unfreeze it in the mobile app instead of cancelling it right away. 

Mobile Banking 
A simple way for you to report your card as lost or stolen is through our mobile banking app

  1. Log on to Mobile Banking 
  2. Click ‘More’ in the bottom-right corner 
  3. Choose ‘Cards’ and pick the card you want to report
  4. Click ‘Report card lost or stolen’

Chat with us
You can also easily report your card as lost or stolen by chatting with Sandi, our digital assistant. Click the ‘Chat with us’ icon on the right-hand side of our web pages to get started. Or read our chat with us page for more information. 

Contact us
Still having trouble? You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

  • For debit cards, call 0800 9 123 123 (+44 1908 237 963 if you’re outside the UK)
  • For credit cards, call 0800 9 123 123 (+44 1512 648 725 if you’re outside the UK)

International calls will be charged at your standard network rate.

When will my new card arrive?

You’ll get your replacement card in 4-5 working days. We’ll send your PIN in a separate letter, though you can also view it in the mobile app. If we’re sending your card overseas, it’ll arrive in 7 working days.

Is my money safe?

Use Online or Mobile Banking to check for any transactions you don't recognise. If you spot anything unusual, let us know by calling the numbers above. 

If your card is lost or stolen, you’re protected against fraud provided you let us know as soon as you realise your card is lost or stolen and you have taken the proper precautions to keep your card and security details safe, as outlined in our terms and conditions.

Continue using your account

If you need to access money before you receive your new card, call in to one of our branches with either another Santander card or a form of photo identification.

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