Asking someone to help you with your money

If you need extra help with your money, or you want to make plans for a time when you might not be able to manage your money yourself, you can think about a few options. 

  • Carers Card – an account you can add money to so that someone you trust can get you cash or help with shopping.
  • Third party access – lets you keep control of your accounts, but get help with your day-to-day banking from someone you choose. 
  • Power of Attorney – (can be General or Lasting Power of Attorney) - lets you give someone the legal authority to deal with organisations such as banks or the local council (known as ‘third parties’) for you. In some cases Power of Attorney can give your chosen person the legal power to make decisions on your behalf such as where you should live.
  • Court of Protection – if you’re no longer able to make financial decisions yourself, the court will help decide who to can help make decisions for you.