Branch closures

Our customers are continuing to change the way that they manage their money. Increasingly, this includes doing their day-to-day banking using Online, Mobile or Telephone Banking. As a result, customers are visiting our branches much less.  This has been a gradual change for many years but has accelerated recently. 

As a result, we’ve reviewed the ways we serve our customers, and considered many factors. This includes where each branch is located, how it’s used, and the other banking options available locally. 

We know our branch network remains important to our customers and understand that closing any branch may be inconvenient for you.  Where we make the decision to close a branch, we’ve assessed each branch individually to consider the potential impact for our customers and  colleagues.

We’re committed to fair banking through FCA guidance and the Access to Banking Standard, overseen by the Lending Standards Board and aims to minimise the impact of branch closures on customers and local communities.

Take a look at our branch impact assessments below for more information about branch closures plus help and support.

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