The guides below help with common tasks and frequently asked questions about cheques.

Using cheques

Use our branches and cash machines

The easiest and quickest way to deposit a cheque into your account is using the cash machines at our branches, or over the counter. Our branch counters accept cheques to be paid into any type of account, but cash machines can accept cheques paid into current accounts or savings accounts.

If one of our cash machines captures your cheque and doesn’t credit your account, please visit the branch where the cash machine is located so a member of our team can retrieve it for you.

You can use most of our cash machines at any time but 8 of our branches only have internal cash machines and not external ones. These branches are: Canterbury, Canary Wharf, Chelsea, Oxford City, St Neots, Surbiton, Tenterden and Wells. 

If any of these branches are closed, you can’t use the internal cash machines to deposit cheques. 

Posting your cheques

You can use the post to deposit cheques into your current account, credit card account or savings account with a sort code and account number. We can’t accept cheques for mortgage or loan payments in the post.

  • If you have a paying-in slip, complete it and send it with the cheque.
  • As a precaution, please take a photo of your cheque or keep a note of the cheque details. 
  • If you don’t have a paying-in slip you can still deposit your cheque, please write your postcode, sort code and account number the cheque is to be credited to on the back of the cheque. Without this information we won’t be able to pay in your cheque. Requesting paying-in slips 
  • Send the cheque to: Santander Processing, P.O. Box 12644, Harlow, CM20 9QH

Please note that you currently can’t deposit cheques using our mobile banking app. 

You can deposit up to 30 cheques at a time into our cash machines. You’ll need your debit card and PIN.

Then you need to:

  • Insert your card into the cash machine and type your PIN.
  • Choose ‘Deposit cheques’.
  • You’ll be asked to put the cheque/s into the machine.
  • The cash machine will scan the cheques and calculate the value – if there are any it can’t read it’ll ask you to type the value in on the screen.
  • Confirm the value and that you’ve paid your cheque/s in.

If you’ve tried to pay in a cheque that the machine can’t read, or an invalid cheque, the machine will return it to you. 

If you need to request a foreign currency cheque, or pay a foreign currency cheque into your account, we can help. Take a look at the ‘Foreign currency cheques/drafts’ section on our making international payments page.

Managing cheques

The easiest and quickest way to request a new chequebook is using Online Banking.

  1. Go to the ‘My details and settings’ tab
  2. Go to ‘Other services’ in the left-hand menu
  3. Go to the ‘Request chequebook’ link

Don’t have Online Banking? Get started online

Alternatively you can contact us

Cancelling a cheque is often called stopping a cheque.

We can’t stop a cheque if you realise you haven’t got enough money to cover it or if you’ve changed your mind. If you think a cheque is lost or stolen please contact us

If you don’t recognise the date, value of the cheque, or it was not written by you then contact us

You can cancel a cheque or chequebook in branch. You can find your nearest branch and check opening hours using our branch locator

Take a look at our table to see how long it takes for the money to show in your account, depending on how you deposit the cheque. 

In most cases the cheque will fully clear a few days later. However, it’s important to remember that while the money will be available, if the cheque does not then clear the money will be taken back out of the account.

The way you depositedWhen funds usually become availableThings to remember
PostedAvailable by 5pm the next working day after the cheque has been receivedWe can’t accept mortgage or loan payments and payments into passbook accounts by cheque in the post
Branch counter (deposited on a working day)Available by 5pm the next working dayAll cheques accepted
Branch counter (deposited on a non-working day)Available by  5pm 2 working days laterAll cheques accepted
Cash machine (deposited on a working day)Available by 5pm the next working dayWe can’t accept mortgage or loan payments and payments into passbook accounts by cheque at cash machines
Cash machine (deposited on a non-working day)Available by 5pm 2 working days laterWe can’t accept mortgage or loan payments and payments into passbook accounts by cheque at cash machines
Post OfficeAvailable by 5pm the next working day from when the cheque is received at our clearing centreWe can’t accept mortgage or loan payments and payments into passbook accounts by cheque at Post Office counters


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