Stocks and Shares ISA

One of the UK’s most popular ways to hold your investments because of its tax efficiency.


Why pay into a stocks and shares ISA?

A stocks and shares Individual Savings Account (ISA) lets you invest your money. Here's why they're one of the UK's most popular ways to invest:

  • You don’t pay income tax or capital gains tax on your investments
  • The ISA allowance for this tax year is £20,000

For amounts over £20,000 you can use our Investment Account. 

By joining the Investment Hub, you can open and manage your Stocks and Shares ISA. If you’re not feeling confident about investing, don't worry, we also offer 2 types of advice to understand if investing is right for you. 

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A tablet screen showing an example of £5,000 paid in as a lump sum with a 10-year target time to invest. The amount paid in and the number of years can be changed

Transferring an ISA is easy

If you already have a cash or stocks and shares ISA elsewhere, it’s simple to transfer it to a Santander Stocks and Shares ISA. Request your ISA transfer directly using the Investment Hub, as withdrawing money, instead of transferring your ISA means it loses its tax-efficient status. 

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Why invest with Santander?


people choose to invest with us

£6.4 billion

invested using the Investment Hub

Around 900

funds available on the Investment Hub

25+ years

experience providing investments

Source: Santander UK plc as at July 2022


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Moneyfacts Awards 2020 – Best Stocks and Shares ISA Provider award
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