Switching your current account

Some decisions in life you’re stuck with. Fortunately, your current account’s not one of them. Switch to a Santander current account today and reap the rewards.
Current account switch guarantee

Looking to switch your current account? The Current Account Switch Service makes moving your account to us easy and stress-free.

How to switch


New customers

If you don’t have a Santander current account, you can apply online or in branch. We will ask you during the usual application if you want to switch to Santander. Just answer 'Yes' and fill out the application. 

Existing customers

If you have a Santander current account, we can switch the account you hold elsewhere to this one. Simply visit your local branch. You may need to book an appointment.

Not sure which account is right for you? See all current accounts


Choose your switch date

This can be up to 60 days in the future 


Stay up to date

We'll keep you updated on progress by letter, text or email 


We'll do the hard work

Like closing your old account and moving payments

Important notice

It’s important that the details you provide are the same as the ones held at your old bank. So if you need to update names or addresses for example on your old account, it’s best to do this before you start your switch.

What gets switched?

We'll move over:

  • your account balance
  • your regular income (like your salary, pension or benefits payments)
  • any Direct Debits or standing orders
  • all your payees (meaning anyone you've sent money to)
  • any payments, meaning we'll also make sure that any payments sent to your old account by mistake get moved to your new account. We'll contact the sender and give them your new account details.

What you'll need

Check here if your current bank or building society is signed up to the Current Account Switch Service

Before we can start your switch, you'll be asked to tell us:

  • your old account sort code and account number
  • your existing debit card number and expiry date
  • if you are switching a joint account to us, we'll need the debit card details for all applicants

We cannot switch your current account if you have a joint account with your old bank and your new Santander account is just in your name.

Important notice

You can switch to Santander from a bank (or building society) that isn't signed up to the Current Account Switch Service. But this will mean you won't be eligible for any switcher offers.

The Current Account Switch Guarantee

The Current Account Switch Service makes switching from one bank or building society to another simple and stress-free.

The service is free and we'll take care of moving any payments going in or out. To learn more, please read our Current Account Switch Guarantee.

Looking to switch your current account?

What happens when I switch?

Day 1

When you apply for an account with us, we'll ask if you want to switch your existing bank account to us.

Let us know your existing account details and choose when you want your switch to start.

We'll then ask your old bank for a list of your payments (for example, standing orders and Direct Debits).

Day 2-6

We'll set up all the payments on your Santander account, and tell those that you pay by Direct Debit to take future payments from here.

We'll also tell people who pay money into your account to send it to your new account from now on.

This means there's no need to worry about missing any payments.

Day 7

Your switch is complete. Your new account is ready to use and your old account will be closed.

Your balance, plus any payments made to or from your old account after this date will be moved across.

We'll do this for 3 years or longer, in accordance with the Current Account Switch Agreement

Following your switch:

  • You’ll receive your cards and PIN by the 7th day, as well as your Online, Mobile and Telephone Banking details if you’ve asked for them.
  • Payments that used to come out of your old account will start coming out of your Santander account. So you should make sure you have the money in your new account to cover them.
Debt consolidation

Thinking about an overdraft?

If you’d like an overdraft with your new Santander current account, speak to us or use our overdraft eligibility checker before starting your switch. We’ll let you know if you’re likely to be accepted.

You can ask for one when you apply for a new account or ask to add one to an account you already have with us. We’ll look at your circumstances to see if we can offer you one. Overdrafts are subject to status and require a credit check.

If you’re switching to us from another bank, you won’t be charged arranged overdraft interest for the first 4 months.

Check your eligibility    Overdraft cost calculator

After the no-fee period, interest may apply for using an arranged overdraft.

Changing your existing Santander account

If you have a current account with us, it’s easy to change to a different one. You can compare accounts, or use our calculator to check how much you could earn in cashback and interest 

Then go to the page for the account you want to change to and choose ‘Change my existing account’ and follow the instructions. This isn’t part of the Current Account Switch Service. 

Can I change my mind after I set up the switch?

You can cancel your switch up to seven working days before your switch completion. Once the switch has begun, the switch process can't be cancelled, and your old account will close.

Can I switch my current account if I am overdrawn?

If your old account has an overdrawn balance, you’ll need to clear it with the old bank, but you can still switch your current account to us using the Current Account Switch Service. 

If you’d like an overdraft with your new Santander current account, speak to us or use our overdraft eligibility checker before starting your switch. We’ll let you know if you’re likely to be accepted. 

Overdrafts are subject to status and require a credit check. 

Where can I find out more about the Current Account Switch Guarantee?

You can find more information through the CASS website

Switching and Third Party Provider (TPP) services

If you’re using any services provided by TPPs on the current account you’re switching over to us then this access will not be switched to your new account. 

They might include services like aggregation (the ability to see your accounts from more than one provider in one place), money management or other services where you’re providing permission for a third party company to have access to information, or carry out payments on your behalf. Our terms and conditions provide more information about TPPs permissions.

There’s a couple of simple things you’ll need to do to move these services over to your new account. 

  1. If you don’t know which TPP’s are accessing your account then before you close your old account, check which permissions are active. 
  2. When your new account is open you’ll need to set up access to your new account with your TPP.

There are some types of accounts that can’t be used with TPP’s. Current accounts that you can use online will be included. 

Switch to Santander Edge, Santander Edge Up, or Private (v2) current account and get £175

Here's how it works: 

  • Apply for an eligible current account
  • If you apply online, don't forget to choose the option to switch your account to us (this must be from a current account you have elsewhere). 
  • Within 60 days of telling us to switch your account, you’ll need to complete the full switch using the Current Account Switch Service, set up 2 active Direct Debits and pay in £1,500.
  • We’ll take care of your switch, using the Current Account Switch Service. 60 days after you tell us to switch your account, we’ll check to make sure you’re eligible and then pay £175 into your account within the next 30 days.

If you, or anyone named on the account, has previously received a switcher incentive on any of our accounts, you will not be eligible for this offer.

Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Further details in the switcher terms and conditions. (PDF - 62 KB)

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