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Change your mortgage

If you already have a mortgage with us but want to change your deal, there will be no affordability or income checks, no legal or valuation fees to pay and no new Direct Debits to set up.

Can I change my deal? 

You can change your deal if:

  • you’re within 4 months of the existing deal coming to an end, or
  • you’re on a mortgage product without an early repayment charge, or
  • you’re on our Standard Variable Rate or Follow-on Rate

Can I change deals online or by phone?





Your mortgage deal finishes within the next 4 months

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You're on our Standard Variable Rate, Follow-on Rate or a deal without an early repayment charge

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You've got a Flexible Offset mortgage

Red Cross
green tick

You're happy to choose your new deal online without any advice

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Red Cross

You'd like advice on which mortgage deal is suitable for you

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You want to make other changes to your mortgage

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You want to borrow more

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You want to make an overpayment at the same time

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Your property is currently let

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You have a Buy to Let mortgage

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Ways to apply

If you’re eligible and happy to pick a new deal without advice, you can apply online.  

Already have Online or Mobile Banking?

In the mobile app, choose your mortgage account

Or, in Online Banking, log on, then choose your mortgage account then 'Manage My Mortgage'

Log on

Don't have Online or Mobile Banking?

Use our online mortgage transfer service.


Change deal


Don't have our mobile app? You can download our app for your phone or device, using the same details you use for Online Banking


By phone

Get the security of having free, expert advice from one of our Mortgage Advisers

0800 092 3881

Lines are open 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 2pm Saturday

You can also arrange your new deal through an Independent Financial Adviser, they will advise you of any costs.

Accepting your deal online

If we’ve emailed you to let you know your offer is ready to review online, we’ll also send your offer reference number.

If you’ve applied for more than one deal you may receive more than one offer reference number, so please use the correct reference for the deal you want to accept.

You must accept the deal by the deadline given in the email.

Accept your new deal online

Accept your new deal now

Get started


My offer has expired

If you didn't accept your deal before the deadline you’ll need to apply for a new deal again.

If you couldn't access your offer due to a technical issue, and:

  • you arranged your new deal directly with us, please call us on 0800 051 0803
  • you arranged your new deal through a financial adviser or mortgage broker, please contact them directly.

Accepting your deal by post

If we’ve emailed you to let you know we’ve sent your offer pack in the post, you’ll need to accept the deal by the deadline provided in the letter.

You’ll find all the details of what you need to do in your pack.

You can take out an ‘additional loan’ as you already have an existing Santander mortgage.

To apply for an additional loan you must:

  • borrow a minimum of £5,000 
  • borrow the money for a minimum of 5 years 
  • borrow less than 85% of your home’s value, including your existing mortgage and the additional loan you’re looking to take out
  • be at least 18 years old and a UK resident
  • not have been declared bankrupt or subject to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

If you’re looking to make energy-efficient improvements to your home you could apply for one of our lower rate green additional loans of up to £25,000.

As one of our mortgage customers you automatically qualify for a free EnergyFact® report that looks at how you could improve your home's energy efficiency.

See what it could cost

Additional loans calculator

Find out how much you can borrow, available rates and what your monthly payments might be.

Get started

If you want to borrow less than £5,000 or pay it off in under 5 years take a look at our other borrowing options 

Ways to apply

Online Banking

Get an instant decision in principle and apply online. Log on, choose your mortgage account, then ‘Manage my mortgage’.

Log on

By phone

0800 092 3881

Our mortgage team is here to help 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm Saturday

If you have a Flexible Offset mortgage

All Flexible Offset mortgages already have an agreed additional borrowing limit, which is on the same rate as the mortgage. The additional borrowing can be repaid on a repayment or interest only basis.

You can access your additional funds through Online Banking

If you need to increase your additional borrowing limit you can ask for a credit limit review (charges will apply).

This is a brief summary of the 3 different types of mortgages we offer

Fixed rateTracker rateLifetime Tracker
Best for:
People who want an exact idea of what they’re going to have to repay for the next few years.

You can usually fix your deal for 2, 3 or 5 years. During this fixed period your monthly payments will stay the same. After your fixed period you’ll move onto the Santander Follow-on Rate (variable). If you want to finish your deal earlier you may pay an early repayment charge.
Best for:
People who think interest rates will stay low over the next few years or want to make unlimited overpayments on their mortgage.

You can choose a mortgage with an initial rate period and during this period your rate tracks above the Bank of England base rate. With this type of mortgage your payments may vary. The initial rate period is usually 2 years and after that you move onto the Santander Follow-on Rate (variable).
Best for:
People who don’t want to ever look for a new mortgage deal again or want to make unlimited overpayments.

With a Lifetime Tracker mortgage your rate will track above the Bank of England base rate for the life of your mortgage term. With this type of mortgage your payments may vary.

The graphs are for illustrative purposes only.

For an in-depth comparison of the mortgage types on offer read our guide to mortgages

Repayment mortgage

Your monthly payment covers both the amount you’ve borrowed and interest. So as long as you keep up your payments, your mortgage will be paid off at the end.

Interest only mortgage

Your monthly payment only pays off the interest. You’ll still need to repay the amount you borrowed at the end of your mortgage and will need a separate plan in place to do this (such as an investment or endowment). We may limit the amount you can borrow on interest only.


You can choose to pay part of your mortgage as repayment and the other part as interest only.

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