Changes to laws or banking regulations can often affect your current accounts and other banking services. We always alert you to any changes to your account's terms and conditions, and we also update this page regularly to clearly communicate the details of any changes.

This page shows you the latest changes to our current accounts.

Notice of increase to interest earned on credit balances for 1I2I3, Select and Private Current Accounts
On 28 March 2022, we increased the interest rates on 1I2I3, Select and Private Current Accounts as shown below. 

1|2|3, Select and Private Current AccountBefore 28 March 2022From 28 March 2022
Monthly fee to maintain the account£4


Interest rate (on balances up to £20,000)0.30% AER/gross (variable)0.50% AER/gross (variable)

The new rates have been applied to the accounts automatically and customers will now benefit from the higher rates. There are no other changes to how the account works including the cashback you earn, or the monthly fee to maintain the account. 

Why we’ve made the change
We regularly look at our accounts and services to make sure that they continue to offer ongoing value for customers in a fair and sustainable way. Although the accounts are not directly linked to the Bank of England Base rate, the rising rate environment means we are now able to give our customers a higher rate of return on their balances.

From 2 February 2022 the Basic Current Account with top-up debit card is no longer available to open. If you have a Basic Current Account with a top-up debit card that was opened or applied for before 2 February 2022 take a look at the documents for this account

We’ve made some changes to your Data Protection Statement to include more information about how we use automated decision making to make decisions about you. We’ve also made changes to tell you how we share and sell anonymised data in the Santander group of companies and outside it, for statistical analysis, research and other business purposes. This data can’t be used to identify you. 

These changes apply to all personal data we hold for you in relation to any product or account you have with us. There are no changes to how you use your account.

We may have already contacted you to tell you about these changes. They won’t come into effect until you receive that notification. 

For more details on how we use your information, please read the full statement (50 KB)

We are starting to move our debit card provider from Visa to MastercardTM

What does this mean for you?

When your current Visa debit card expires or you need a replacement for a lost, stolen or damaged card, you may receive a new debit Mastercard rather than a Visa debit card.

Your new card will do everything your old card did and you'll get some great additional features. You can continue to use your existing PIN unless we've said we'll send you a new one.

Next steps:

When you receive your new debit Mastercard, you can use it straight away. Once you begin using your new card, your old Visa debit card will no longer work. 

Your card number will change, so you'll need to:

  • Update your card details on the websites you regularly use and for any annual subscriptions or recurring transactions such as car insurance.
  • Set up your new card in your digital wallet if you use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google PayTM, Fitbit Pay or Garmin PayTM (not applicable for top-up debit card).

If your Personal ID number for Mobile or Online Banking is your old Visa card number, this number will remain unchanged. You can always change this to a new number when you log on to Online Banking under My Details & Settings > Change Security Settings > Change Personal ID.

New features with your debit Mastercard

The following exciting new features will be available to use with your new debit Mastercard

Check your PIN:

Use the handy 'View PIN' feature in our Mobile Banking app to see your Mastercard PIN for a few moments if you've forgotten it.

Card freeze and card controls:

Mobile Banking will let you temporarily freeze your Mastercard if you think it's lost or stolen. Card controls will let you decide whether to restrict certain transactions such as contactless payments, online transactions, international transactions and gambling transactions.

If you'd like to learn more about card freeze and card controls, take a look at our short video

Priceless Cities:

Priceless Cities provides access to unforgettable experiences in the cities where you live and travel. Time is the most precious resource we have, so the Priceless Cities mission is to provide you opportunities to have meaningful moments with the people you care about.

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