Accepting your deal

You can review and accept the offer for your new deal by clicking on ‘Continue to access offer’ below. You’ll need the offer reference number we’ve emailed to you.

If you have more than one, please make sure you have the correct offer reference number for the deal you’d like to accept.

Things to know before you continue

  • You’ll have 14 days from the date your offer was issued to review and accept your new deal. 
  • If you have a joint mortgage, any account holder can accept on behalf of all account holders. It’s important all account holders read the offer.
  • All sections of the product transfer offer, together with the mortgage conditions, will form the terms of your mortgage. So, take the time to review it fully before accepting.
  • Once you've accepted the offer, you won't be able to cancel the transfer, request another mortgage deal or make any other changes to your mortgage until your new deal has started. 

About our services

If you arranged your new deal directly with us, we want to let you know that:

  • we’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • we only offer Santander mortgages
  • you won’t be charged a fee for this service. However, you may be required to pay other fees, such as a product fee. Details of any fees will be provided in your offer.

If you arranged your new deal with an Independent Financial Adviser/broker, they will have advised you about any fees relating to your mortgage.