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Investing made simple

Investing can be a good way to grow your money, but where do you begin? 

With so many ways to invest, from shares, bonds, cryptocurrency, to even vintage wine, it can seem far from simple to get started.

That’s why we keep it simple with a range of investment funds.


What is an investment fund?

You may be familiar with buying individual shares, maybe through an employee scheme or buying shares in the likes of BT or Royal Mail when they were privatised.

When you buy shares you own a small part of that company. If it does well, your investment grows, if it doesn’t, your investment falls.

So, investing in individual shares can be risky as you’re relying on a single company’s performance to get a return. You may also find it time consuming, expensive and hard to get the right mix of shares or other assets to diversify your investment risk.

This is why investing in funds can be a good idea.

Funds pool money from lots of investors to buy shares and/or other asset types such as bonds. This lets you invest in a range of investments run by professional fund managers. Funds are invested across different asset types, spreading your risk and keeping the impact of transaction costs relatively low.

Investment funds available on the Santander Hub

 If you prefer it simple 

Choose from 4 Santander Multi Index funds



4 highly diversified funds which invest across a wide range of sectors and geographies with the aim to protect you from market swings. 


  • For investors who want the simplicity of choosing from a small range of ready-made portfolios.
  • Choose by your preferred risk profile, or use our Digital Investment Adviser to receive a fund recommendation.
  • Managed by Santander Asset Management, part of the Santander Group.

If you prefer control

Pick from a wide range of investment funds



34 funds managed by Santander Asset Management, part of the Santander Group.



Leading fund managers

Around 850 funds from leading fund managers. 


  • Wide range of sectors and geographies which help to protect you from market swings. 
  • Search, filter and compare funds to help you pick the right investments for you. 

It's a good idea to regularly review the funds you're invested in to make sure that they’re meeting your needs. If you want to make a change then it's easy to switch your money from one fund to another or to withdraw your money if investing is no longer right for you.

Join the Investment Hub with no commitment. Take a look around, check out the funds, and see where you could invest some savings.


Need help deciding which investment fund to choose?

Get quick and easy advice from our online adviser tool or specialist advice from our qualified Financial Planning Managers.

Explore getting advice

As with all investments your capital is at risk and you may get back less than you invest. Investments should be held for the medium to long term (5+ years), unless there is a fixed term that applies.

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