Decision in principle

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Get a decision in principle

A decision in principle tells you if we can lend you the amount of money you need. 

 You'll get a free, instant decision. 

 It’s valid for 60 days.

  It won’t affect your credit rating. 

Before you start your online decision in principle

Make sure you’ve read:

A straightforward guide to your mortgage (pdf)

Have the following information before you apply:

  • The type of property and how much you want to borrow
  • Personal information including your address history for the last 3 years
  • Details of your income and outgoings 
  • Details of any financial commitments such as credit cards or loans


Start my decision in principle


Already started?

You'll need the application reference number we emailed to you to continue your decision in principle (DIP). If you already have your DIP, you can use the same number to start your mortgage application.