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We  know you may be worried about your finances at the moment. And the coronavirus situation is making it harder for people to visit branches or call in. That’s why we’ve worked to make more people available to help you use chat.


How to chat

Simply click on the red ‘Chat with us’ area on the right-hand side of the homepage.

Just type into the box. Keeping your questions short and simple will help to get you the answers you need. 

So, you might type ‘Can’t remember my PIN’, or ‘I’m worried about my mortgage payments’. Then we’ll be able to show you web pages that might help, or pass you over to someone who can help during opening hours. 


Want to discuss your accounts? 

If you have a more complex enquiry, try using Online Banking or Mobile Banking chat. Log on in the way that you normally would, go to chat and we’ll be able to identify you securely and so answer more specific questions.


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