Cheque deposits: cash machines in closed branches aren’t accepting cheque deposits at this time. You can post your cheque to your local branch, or deposit at the Post Office

We're making changes to how we show your account balance at the cash machine. Take a look

Banking at a cash machine

Santander has over 2,400 cash machines for you to use in the UK. With our touchscreen machines you can:

  • check and print balances and mini statements
  • withdraw cash
  • deposit cash - up to 50 notes at a time
  • deposit cheques - up to 30 at a time
  • change your PIN
  • transfer money between your Santander accounts
  • pay bills and people if you've set them up previously.

These services are available to Santander UK customers. Non-Santander UK customers can withdraw cash, request on-screen balances and print receipts. You can also use your Santander debit card with no charge at Santander ATMs in Spain (adult accounts only).

Cash and cheques paid in at our touchscreen machines take the same amount of time to clear as those paid in over the counter.

Remember - stay aware, stay safe. Always be aware of your surroundings and shield your PIN when you use any cash machine.

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