Changes to your account balance information

We're making changes to how we talk about your balance in Online, Mobile and Telephone Banking and at cash machines.  The main change is that we will start to show your arranged overdraft amount separately from your ‘own money’, making it easier to see your overdraft usage.

Balance – this has not changed

  • This is your account balance
  • It doesn’t include any pending transactions that are due to be debited from your account

Balance including pending – this has changed

  • This used to be called Available Balance and is your account balance including any payments that are due to come out of your account
  • It no longer includes any arranged overdraft limit
  • It will show as a minus figure if you are in an overdrawn position

Overdraft remaining – this is new

  • This is the amount of your arranged overdraft that you have available to use
  • If you haven’t got an overdraft arranged for the account, you won't see this
  • It will show as a minus figure if you exceed your overdraft limit.

At cash machines you’ll still see ‘Available Balance’ which is your account balance including any payments due to come out of your account. It won’t include any arranged overdraft limit, but if you want to check your overdraft limit simply go to Online or Mobile Banking or call us.

What it will look like in Online Banking

Available balance in Online Banking

What it will look like in Mobile Banking

Available balance on mobile


If you have any questions about your available balance or overdraft amount, you can log on to Online Banking and ‘Chat’ to us, for instant support. Or visit us in branch

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