Keeping you safe from scams
When you make a payment using Online Banking you’ll see some changes which aim to help you make sure your payment is going to the right place.


Bank name

When you enter the sort code for the account you’re paying, we’ll show you the name of the bank it’s going to so that you can check it’s the right bank.

Payment purpose

We’ll ask you to choose a reason for the payment. This lets us show you a message to help protect you from scams.
For example, if you choose ‘House or large purchase’ we’ll show you a specific message asking you to check the bank details personally with your payee, to protect you against scammers who intercept emails and replace the payment details in them. 

Pay at a later time

You’ll be given the choice to make your payment straight away or to send it at a later date. Waiting to make the payment gives you time to change your mind, which is helpful protection as fraudsters are known to pressurise their victims and push them into making payments quickly.

Confirmation to proceed with the payment

We’ll ask you to take a moment to check that:

  • the information you’ve given us is correct
  • you’ve read the messages we’ve shown you before you confirm you want to go ahead with the payment. 


We’re introducing similar changes for when you make payments using Telephone Banking and in our branches so that you’re protected whichever way you choose to pay. 

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