Why is my card not working?

There may be a simple reason why your card isn’t working when you try to use it in a shop, at a cash machine or online. Take a look at our suggestions below to help get your card working again.

Is there enough money available in your account?

Is there enough money available in your account to cover the payment? You can quickly check your balance in the mobile app.

You can also set up Quick Balance, which allows you to see the balances of up to 5 accounts on your device without needing to log on to Mobile Banking.

Are you using your latest card?

If you’ve recently received a new card, double check you’re using the latest one, and not one that’s expired.

Check our service status page

If you’re having problems with card payments or cash machines, check our service status page to see if it’s part of a wider known issue. This page will be updated when issues are being investigated, and when they’ve been fixed.

Have you activated your card?

You can use your new debit card right away, though you’ll either need to buy something using a chip and PIN machine or visit a cash machine so contactless payments can start working.

If you have a new credit card, you can easily activate it in Online Banking

Contactless payment isn't working

Contactless payments have a limit of £45. If you're trying to buy something for £45 or less, try using chip and PIN on your next purchase. This may allow you to make contactless payments. If you think contactless might be blocked on your card, you can turn it back on again. Take a look at our Block Contactless guide to learn how.

Chip and PIN isn't working

Make sure you’re using the right PIN. Take a look at our mobile banking guide if you’ve forgotten it. 

If you’ve entered your PIN incorrectly too many times but now remember it, you can unlock your card at a cash machine

If you’re trying to use your card to make an online payment, just check that the following details have been added correctly. 

  • The long card number.
  • Expiry date.
  • Account holder’s name (as it appears on the card).
  • The 3-digit CVV number (or security code) on the back of your card.
  • We may ask you to enter a One Time Passcode (OTP) for some online card payments. Take a look at our One Time Passcodes page to find out more.

Mobile payments

If you’re trying to use your phone or device to make a secure cashless payment, check that: 

  • your card is linked to your device
  • you’ve not gone over the retailer’s specific limits
  • you have enough funds in your account
  • your phone is held correctly near the contactless terminal.

Please see our mobile payments guide for information on how to link your card, how to make payments, and much more.

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