Closing an account

We understand that sometimes our customers may want to close an account they have with us. If you don’t feel that your account is right for you, please take a look at our other current accounts or savings accounts to see if we have something more suitable. 

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t withdraw funds from a Help to Buy ISA before closing it. Transferring money out of a Help to Buy ISA will impact the bonus you may receive. See our ISA transfers page for more information.

Please note, you won’t be able to close an account if its overdrawn or has any pending transactions on it.

Close an account using our secure chat

The easiest way to close your account is by logging on to the mobile app or Online Banking and chatting to Sandi, our digital assistant.

Before you close your account, make sure all your details (such as your address and contact details) are up to date. See our changing your details page for more details. 

For Mobile Banking

  • log on to Mobile Banking
  • click 'Help centre' from the shortcuts in the top of the screen
  • choose 'Chat with Sandi'
  • ask to close your account and follow the steps.


For Online Banking:

  • Log on to your account
  • Click the ‘Chat with us’ button on the right-hand side of the page
  • Type ‘Close my account’.

For more information on how to use our secure chat, please visit our chat with us online page. 

If you don’t use Mobile or Online Banking, you’ll need to contact us to close your account.

See the information below for more details on what happens when you close your account. 

If you’re looking to close your credit card, please see our cancelling your credit card page.

Your balance

When you close your account, your existing balance will be transferred back to you either by a bank transfer into another account or by cheque to your registered address.

When you close your account, we’ll give you up to 5 years of Payment Transaction History in an electronic format. If you have Online Banking, it’ll already be available by downloading your previous statements from your document store. 

If you don’t have Online Banking, an electronic copy of your Payment Transaction History is still available, but you’ll need to request Online Banking log on details to be able to view and download this information. Visit our Online Banking page to find out how to sign up. 

You can also visit or call your local branch to order a paper copy.

Closing an account for someone who’s died

Our bereavement team can show you how to deal with the deceased's financial affairs and other practical guidance. Visit our bereavement page for more information.

Dormant accounts

If your account has been inactive for a long time, then we may make your account dormant to help reduce the risk of fraud. We’ll contact you before it goes dormant. 

Visit our dormant accounts page to find out how to reactivate or close a dormant account. 

If you plan on switching accounts

If your current account isn’t right for you but another Santander account could be, compare our accounts. Once you've visited the page and found an account you'd like to transfer to, just click on the account and choose “Change my existing account".

If you want to switch your Santander current account to another bank, you can use the switching service to switch over more easily. Take a look at our switching your current account page.

What’ll happen to my Direct Debits and standing orders when I close my account?

When you close your account, any Direct Debits and standing orders will automatically be cancelled.

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