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All in One Credit Card

Everything you need in one credit card for a monthly fee of £3
With the All in One Credit Card you’ll get:

  • 0% on balance transfers for 30 months from date of account opening with no balance transfer fee

  • 0% on purchases for 30 months from date of account opening

  • 0.5% cashback on all of your purchases with no limits or caps

  • No foreign transaction fees on purchases made abroad in the local currency

  • Retailer Offers - get five welcome cashback offers ranging from 5% to 25% at a range of well-known major retailers once you switch on Retailer Offers via Online or Mobile Banking

123 World Offer Monthly fee refund for 6 months if you have one of our 1|2|3 current accounts, Select Current Account or Private Current Account.

Within the first year of opening an All in One Credit Card, if you open (or already have) any of our 1|2|3 current accounts (excluding 1|2|3 Mini Account (in Trust)) a Select Current Account or a Private Current Account, we'll refund your monthly credit card fee for 6 months. To qualify, activate your All in One Credit Card and then set up a Direct Debit to pay your card from your qualifying current account within 30 days of opening your current account or All in One Credit Card.
If you’re an existing All in One cardholder visit our FAQs to find out if you qualify for the offer.
Find out more about our current accounts

See how much you could save by transferring your existing credit or store card balances to this card and also how much cashback you could earn.


At the end of the 0% period, a 3% balance transfer fee will apply to any new balances transferred. Interest will be charged on new purchases and any outstanding balance transfer and purchase balances at the standard purchase rate of 15.9% p.a. (variable).

Representative example 
15.9% p.a. variable on card purchases. This is equivalent to 21.7% APR representative variable based on an assumed credit limit of £1200. Monthly fee: £3.

Please read the full product details and terms & conditions before applying.
We offer a range of credit cards. Find out more.

 The credit card features on this page apply to new applications made from 13 January 2018.

We have other borrowing options, such as overdrafts, personal loans, and additional loans for our existing mortgage customers. Learn more about our borrowing options

0% on balance transfers for 30 months with no balance transfer fee
Transfer balances from other credit or store cards and save interest.

  • 0% interest for 30 months from the date of account opening with no balance transfer fee during the introductory period

  • At the end of the 0% offer period, interest will be charged at the standard rate of 15.9% p.a. (variable) on any remaining balance transfer balances as well as any new balance transfers

  • Transfer from £100 to 95% of your credit limit. If your total transfer is above your available credit limit, we may allow you to transfer part of it. You won't be able to transfer from other Santander or cahoot credit cards, or from any loans or current accounts.

Check the savings you could make by transferring your existing card balances  
0% on purchases for 30 months.
Spread the cost of your purchases and pay no interest for 30 months

  • 0% interest to pay for 30 months from the date of account opening

  • At the end of the 0% offer period, interest will be charged at the standard rate of 15.9% p.a. (variable) on any remaining purchase balances as well as any new purchases.

Cashback on all purchases with no limits or caps
Earn 0.5% cashback on purchases with your All in One Credit Card. And there's no limit on how much cashback you can earn, so when you make purchases big and small, you're always earning.
We'll credit your cashback to your account monthly and you'll be able to see what you've earned on your statements and in Online and Mobile Banking.
Cashback will not be earned on cash transactions such as the purchase of foreign currency, cash withdrawals or on balance transfers.
Read the full cashback terms

No foreign transaction fees on purchases and cash withdrawals made abroad
A foreign transaction fee is usually charged for converting your foreign currency transaction into pounds sterling when you make a purchase or cash withdrawal abroad. Use your All in One Credit Card abroad and you won't be charged any foreign transaction fees on purchases or cash withdrawals made in the local currency. Please make sure you choose the local currency option when using your card abroad. If you choose sterling, the retailer or bank will handle the conversion and may charge you a fee.

Cash withdrawals fee
This is a fee we charge when you use your All in One Credit Card to withdraw cash. It applies when you withdraw cash with your credit card at home or abroad, at a cash machine or in a branch. It’s a separate charge to the foreign transaction fees explained above.

Please think carefully before making cash withdrawals at home or abroad. A cash transaction fee is charged on all cash withdrawals and they also attract a higher rate of interest which is charged immediately. To keep interest charges to a minimum, pay off your card balance as soon as possible after a cash withdrawal.

123 World Offer Monthly fee refund for 6 months if you have one of our 1|2|3 current accounts, Select Current Account or Private Current Account

To qualify for the All in One Credit Card fee refund you must: 

  • Be within the first year of opening your credit card.
  • Hold or open one of our qualifying current accounts. These include: 1|2|3 Current Account, 1|2|3 Lite Current Account, 1|2|3 Student Current Account, 1|2|3 Graduate Current Account, 1|2|3 Postgraduate Current Account, 1|2|3 Mini Current Account, Select Current Account and Private Current Account.
  • Make your monthly card repayments by Direct Debit from a qualifying current account. The Direct Debit must be set up within 30 days of either opening your current account or All in One Credit Card (whichever occurs latest).
  • Activate your card to receive the £3 fee refund for 6 months. 

Earn cashback with Retailer Offers
As well as 0.5% cashback on whatever you buy with your All in One Card you'll also receive cashback offers of up to 25%.
Simply register for Online or Mobile Banking and switch on Retailer Offers to get:

  • Five welcome offers of up to 25% cashback at well-known major retailers. Your welcome offers will be chosen for you and are for one use only. To receive the welcome offers you must switch on Retailer Offers within 60 days of activating your new card. Once you've switched on Retailer Offers the welcome offers will be available within 14 days.

  • Continue to earn up to 15% cashback with your selected Retailer Offers when you use your All in One Credit Card at selected major retailers.

Learn more about Retailer Offers

Retailer Offers is only available to some additional credit card holders, please see Retailer Offers for more information. 

Other features

  • Up to 56 days interest-free credit on purchases when you pay your balance in full and on time each month, even after the initial interest free period has ended. (Not applicable to customers who have made a balance transfer and therefore do not clear their balance in full.)

  • Contactless: make quick and easy purchases up to £30, wherever you see the contactless  symbol

  • Make contactless payments by linking your Santander debit or credit card to your Apple, Android or Samsung device

  • Up to 3 additional cards for your partner or family members at no extra cost. You will be responsible for the use of and payments on the additional cards.

Account alerts
You’ll be automatically registered to receive an alert when nearing your credit limit to help you avoid fees, and we’ll send you other messages to notify you of certain activity on your account. These will be sent via SMS, e-mail or letter and where not required for regulatory purposes, we’ll give you the option to opt-out. Once you’ve been registered, you can opt-out via Online Banking, by calling us or visiting your local branch.

Important information
We've put together a guide to explain some important ways in which a credit card works (pdf) and how a credit card could benefit you. You can also find all interest rates and charges in the Summary Box (pdf)

There is a £3 monthly fee for the All in One Credit Card.

Minimum repayments
During the 0% period, you must make repayments each month for at least the minimum payment amount. You'll find details of how the minimum payment is calculated in the Summary Box (pdf)

Representative example 
15.9% p.a. variable on card purchases. This is equivalent to 21.7% APR representative variable based on an assumed credit limit of £1200. Monthly fee: £3.


From making a payment to checking your cashback, do it your way

Because we know you have busy lives and are often on the move, we want to give you ways to bank that make life easier. We're always looking for new ways to bank that help you do what you need to do, with your phone, computer or in person.

So if you're on the sofa, log on with your tablet to check the cashback you've earned. If you want to be able to use your card abroad, let us know using Online Banking. And if you're on the high street, pop in for the personal service.

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  • Log on quickly and securely using Touch ID, Face ID or Fingerprint

  • see transactions and statements

  • clearly see your balance and credit limit

  • see your cashback

  • register for Retailer Offers  to earn cashback on your spend

And much more

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Online Banking

24/7 banking on your desktop or laptop computer. Everything you can do on mobile, plus:

  • make payments to your card from any UK bank account

  • set up personalised account alerts  to let you know what's going on with your money

  • manage personal details such as change of address  

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Protect yourself from fraud

It's very important that you keep your banking details private and secure.

  • Never share a Santander One Time Passcode (OTP) with another person. Not even a Santander employee.
  • Never download software or let anyone log on to your computer or devices remotely during or after a cold call.
  • Never enter your Online Banking details after clicking on a link in an email or text message.

For more information about our approach to security as well as more useful information to help you stop the threat of fraud visit our Security Centre.


Everything you need to know before you apply
We recommend reading the information in the documents below before you apply. You may like to save or print them so you can refer to them in the future.

To view these documents, you may need to download Adobe Reader.

A £3 monthly fee applies.

Pre-Contractual Explanation
We've provided a summary below of the important information that's contained in the Pre-Contractual Explanation. The full version of this can be found in the All in One Credit Card Key Facts Document which can be accessed via the link above. You should also read this before you apply.

Is a credit card right for my borrowing needs?
A credit card can be very expensive if you're not careful how you use it. It is best used when you can pay off the full balance quickly.

What interest and charges might apply?
Cash withdrawals are more expensive than purchases because you start paying interest immediately and will be charged a fee for each cash withdrawal made in the UK or abroad.

We charge a monthly fee of £3 for this credit card. We don't charge a balance transfer fee on any balance transfers made during the introductory period. We can change the fees (including the monthly fee and amending the balance transfer fees) and interest rates on your card. We'll let you know in advance if we plan to do this.

Any introductory rate we offer you starts from the date your account is opened.

For detailed information on fees and charges please read the Costs of Credit section in the Pre-Contract Credit Information and condition 8 of the credit agreement.

How much will I have to pay under the credit agreement?
It will cost you more if you only make your monthly minimum payments. It will cost you less if you pay off the full balance quickly.

What are the consequences to me if I do not keep up repayments?
If you miss your minimum payment you get charged a £12 fee, plus the interest keeps building up, so you end up paying back more. We will also record details with a credit reference agency and your credit rating could go down which would make it harder to get future credit. If you miss multiple repayments, your credit rating can be damaged and you might have legal proceedings brought against you. In the very worst case your debt might be secured against your house or your debt may be transferred to a debt management company. To avoid getting into this situation, please contact us if you are having difficulties in making your repayments.

Changing your mind.
You can change your mind up to 14 days after you receive your card. If you do this, you must repay anything you owe.

Credit limit preferences
As part of your application you can decide how you want us to implement any future increases to your credit limit. You’ll be given the following choices:       

  • Automatically increase my credit limit – we’ll let you know before the changes are made and give you time to decline the increase if you want to, or
  • Send me details and let me decide – you’ll need to contact us if you want to accept the increase.

 You can change your preference any time by calling 0800 9 123 123 or visiting your local branch 

You can apply for a Santander All in One Credit Card if you:

  • are 18 or over

  • live in the UK permanently

  • don't already hold an All in One Credit Card 

  • understand we will be conducting a credit check

  • have an income of £7,500 per year or more

  • have a good credit record - e.g haven't been declared bankrupt, had a CCJ or an IVA within the last 6 years.

Before applying for this product you should consider any future changes to your financial circumstances that may impact your ability to make repayments.

Before you apply we recommend that you read the Summary Box (pdf)

Apply today or complete a previously saved application

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You can apply for a credit card if you’re a permanent UK resident aged 18 years or over, have a gross annual income of £7,500 or more, have a good credit record and have not been declared bankrupt, had a CCJ or an IVA within the last 6 years. We will conduct a credit check as part of the application and this will determine whether or not you’re accepted and the credit limit that we can offer. We reserve the right to refuse any application.

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