You may not have looked at doing a budget before, but it’s your first step towards getting back on track with your finances if you’re worried about them. 

Completing a budget planner will help us give you more personalised help. What’s more, seeing everything set out could help you identify ways to save money and reduce debt straight away. 

If you’ve recently filled in our MyFinances budget planner, take a look at the bottom of this section for what to do next.

We'd suggest 2 planners 

Before you start, get as much information ready as you can. Things like bank statements and bills will help you get the details you need to put into the budget planner right. 

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The Santander budget planner is called MyFinances. You should use it if you need to speak to us about your finances. 

You can request to use our budget planner through the online form on our ‘pay or manage an overdue amount’ page.  Go to the section called ‘Budget Planning options’ and answer a few questions. We’ll then direct you to our budget planner or other options that can help.

Pay or manage an overdue amount

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Budget Planner

This is an anonymous budget planner, which you can use without sharing your personal details with us. Use this planner if you just need a sense of your situation and your outgoings. Santander won’t see this information or be able to discuss it with you.

You can create an account and revisit this planner any time you’d like. You’ll also be given some personalised tips to help you make the most of your money and it’s free to use.



If you’ve recently competed our budget planner (MyFinances), here’s what to do next:

Make a payment or set up a short-term arrangement

If you feel you can afford to do this, visit pay or manage an overdue amount where we’ve made it easier to do this without needing to call us.

Reduce your outgoings

If the budget planner shows you’re spending too much, take a look at ways to cut your spending info page.

Seek some independent advice

Organisations such as PayPlan can offer free help and advice. Take a look at our independent help and support page.

Need to get in touch with us?

We’ll discuss your options, using your completed planner to give you tailored help that’s right for you. 

See the ‘Ways to get in touch’ section if you’d like to chat with us. Or call us on 0800 085 1479.


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