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How energy efficient is your home?


What’s an EnergyFact report?

Our free EnergyFact home energy report, in partnership with Countrywide Surveying Services, shows what energy-efficient improvements you could make to help reduce your home’s carbon footprint based on the information you provide.

Your report will show you how your home could be improved and what work would be needed as a result. It’ll also highlight how you could potentially save money and increase the comfort and warmth of your home while helping to reduce the effects of climate change. 

Interested in seeing what an EnergyFact report looks like? See a sample report (1.52 MB).

The results given are estimates and may differ from a property's actual Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The EPC is the recognised government measure of the energy efficiency of our homes. Find out more on our energy efficiency page.

Am I eligible?
This service is available to all our existing mortgage customers.  


How can I get one? 

  • Use the link below to our partner Countrywide and enter your property details.  
  • Complete the five steps of the EnergyFact wizard.
  • Generate your free EnergyFact pdf report to download and keep.

My EnergyFact report


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