Money worries

Many people face financial worries at some point in their lives.

If you’ve missed a payment, or feel you may miss a payment, please contact our team. You can find the number in the ‘Solutions’ section below.  If your payment holiday is coming to an end, take a look at ‘If your payment holiday is ending’. And if you’re looking for some general advice on looking after your money, take a look at the ‘Stay on top of your money’ section.

If you need to talk to us, we promise to be open and honest, taking your individual circumstances into account to find a way forward that works for you.

Before you get in touch with us, here are some tips that will help us to help you as quickly as possible.

The idea of looking at your budget may feel daunting and it may even be something you’ve never done before. But it’s your first step towards getting back on track. 

Take a look at the budget planner provided by the Money Advice Service – a free tool which may help you with putting you back in control of your household spending.

If you’ve come to the end of your payment holiday, take a look at ‘If your payment holiday is ending’.  

If you’d like to get some help before you talk to us, here are some helpful, free debt advice organisations you can speak to: 


If you’re having problems with your payments it’s vital that you talk to us as soon as possible.

Make sure you’ve filled in the budget planner first.


We might be able to help with:

Reducing your monthly amount by refinancing your mortgage

A short-term payment arrangement

An outside organisation to help assess or order your finances

Call us on 0800 085 1226

(9am-5pm Mon-Sat)

If you’ve lost your job or are recently retired, please go to the Department of Work and Pensions website to check if you’re eligible for support for mortgage interest.

Current accounts

If you’re overdrawn without agreement from us, we call it being in an unarranged overdraft. It’s really important that you talk to us about it.

We might be able to help with:

Changing due dates of Direct Debits and standing orders to coincide with money coming into your account

Reducing the amount of these payments and removing those that aren't needed

An outside organisation to help assess or order your finances

Call us on 0800 587 11 22 

(9am-5pm Mon-Sat)


To help you keep an eye on your money you could sign up to Online and Mobile Banking

Credit cards

If you’re having difficulties please phone us as soon as possible, it will help to avoid late payment charges. 

We might be able to help with:

A short-term payment arrangement

30 days breathing space to let you look at your finances and/ or get help from an outside organisation

Call us on 0800 389 6655 

(9am-5pm Mon-Sat)

Personal loans


We might be able to help with:

 A short-term payment arrangement

Reducing monthly payments

An outside organisation to help assess or order your finances

Call us on 0800 678 3322 

(9am-5pm Mon-Sat)


Things to have ready

  • your budget planner results. If you haven’t filled in a budget planner yet, you can find one at the Money Advice Service
  • your account details.

We may also need to ask you some security questions.

If you’ve spoken to an outside organisation

If you’ve been given a reference number have it nearby. If you share it with us we may be able to give you some breathing space until they’ve helped.

When you call us, we promise

  • to allow you reasonable time to work out a payment plan
  • to take your individual situation into account when looking at your options
  • to have provided our staff with the training they need to help you
  • not to charge additional fees while you’re creating a repayment plan and making the agreed payments.


If you’ve taken a payment holiday on your mortgage and it's coming to an end, we'll contact you as we need to know how we can help you next. This depends on your current circumstances, particularly if you were in arrears on your mortgage. Please let us know about your situation even if you’re able to restart your monthly payments. You'll need the unique reference number found on the communication we send to you.

Being ‘in arrears’ means you’ve missed any mortgage payment or had a payment arrangement in place when you started your payment holiday. 

Take a look at the situations below to find out what your next steps are. 

If you’re coming to the end of a credit card or personal loan payment holiday, we’ll contact you before the end to let you know what you need to do next.

I wasn't in arrears when I started my mortgage payment holiday
and I want to restart my payments

Take a look

I wasn't in arrears when I started my mortgage payment holiday
but I can't restart my payments yet

Take a look

I was in arrears when I started my mortgage payment holiday

Take a look

Some of the options above may ask you to fill in a budget planner. If at any point you’d like to revisit your budget planner, please follow this link to MyFinances - once you’ve completed your budget planner, please call us on 0800 085 1226

If you’re not sure what situation you’re in, or need help from us, please call us on 0800 783 9738

We’ve got loads of helpful information for you in our ‘Help with managing my money’ section.


  • Plan your budget.
  • Take some time to list how much you owe and who you owe it to.
  • Get in touch with the people you owe money to – hiding from money worries makes them worse, never better.
  • If you do have enough money to make your payments but sometimes find they're not being paid on the most suitable date or in the best way, it’s often simple to change payment dates to when you’ve just had money in.
  • Check price comparison sites to see if you could save money on regular payments such as energy, broadband and insurance bills. 
  • In case you're entitled to benefits you're not claiming, take a look at the Department of Work and Pensions website


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