As part of your application we need to know your last 3 years’ address history with no gaps. We’ll ask for documents to support your application, for example proof of income or proof of address. You’ll need to know your outstanding financial commitments, such as loans or credit cards.  Plus details of insurance policies for example home insurance, mortgage payment protection, life or critical illness cover, and any investment/endowment details you’d like to use to support your mortgage.  

We’ll tell you exactly which documents we need you to provide, but the information below is here to guide you. 

We need to see your last 3 months payslips, which must be dated no more than 2 months earlier than your application. Or, if you’re paid weekly we’ll need your last 4 weeks payslips dated no more than 5 weeks earlier than your application.

Your payslip must show: 

  • Your employer’s name – if it doesn’t, we’ll need either your latest bank statement showing your salary credit or your latest P60 with your employer’s name on it. 
  • Your name, which must match how it appears on your application.
  • Payment date or tax period.
  • Net pay.
  • Gross pay.

If you’re self-employed we need evidence to support your mortgage application. 

So we need either:

  • This accountant’s certificate (pdf) (423 KB), filled in by an accountant with an acceptable qualification, or,
  • Self-assessment tax forms (e.g. SA302) plus supporting Tax Year Overviews for the same period. These can be requested from HMRC or an online HMRC account.

Use the simple guide below to help make sure you get the right evidence to support your self-employed income. 

Self-employed income guide (pdf) (350 KB)

To see these documents, you may need to download Adobe Reader

If you want to use other income to support your application there are some other documents we need:

Regular overtime/ bonus/ commission

  • Your last 3 monthly payslips showing this payment or your P60.

Annual overtime/ bonus/ commission

  • Your P60s showing this payment from the last 3 years.

Child benefit 

  • Your most recent HMRC letter (all pages including those that are blank and must not be more than 12 months old) or bank statement showing this payment. 

Working/ child tax credits

  • HMRC letter from current tax year’s award (all pages including those that are blank and must not be more than 12 months old) or bank statement showing this payment.

DWP state benefits 

  • Your latest DWP/ HMRC letter confirming the type and amount of benefit which shows how long this benefit will be paid for.

Fostering income

  • Your local authority letter confirming the number of children and length of time fostering.
  • Bank statements showing the latest three months’ income; or self-employed accounts.

State pension

  • Your DWP letter. 

Private pension/ annuities 

  • Your pension payslip/ statement.

We may need you to provide your bank statement. If we do it must be no more than 2 months earlier than the date of your application and it must show:

  • Your name and address as it appears on your application
  • Debits
  • Commitments, such as regular standing orders, which must match your application
  • Running balance

If we ask for a full month there must be no pages missing. 

If bank statements are being used to support your income, only provide the individual page showing the income entry. If this page doesn’t include enough information to confirm it belongs to you, please also provide the page showing your name and address.

Online bank statements are acceptable but we can’t accept statements where information is illegible or has been amended.

We need evidence of your address dated within the last 3 months. So you could provide your: 

  • latest utility bill (e.g. gas/ electricity/ water BUT not a mobile phone). It must show your address and usage not just the summary page, or
  • latest bank statement.

Whichever one you provide it must be legible.

We may also need to verify your identify, so use the customer identification requirements for UK residents (pdf) (50 KB) to help you.

  • If you’re applying online - you’ll need to upload the documents we request using our secure mortgage application tracking page.  
  • If you’re applying by phone - our guide to your application (pdf) (803 KB) will help you understand the steps involved and how to upload the documents we request.  

To see these documents, you may need to download Adobe Reader

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