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Making one or more overpayments on your mortgage can help you to:

  • reduce the amount of interest you pay
  • reduce the amount you owe
  • be mortgage-free sooner.

Depending on the type of mortgage you have, you may be charged an early repayment charge.

How much can you overpay?

If your Santander mortgage loan is

Overpayment amount

Early repayment charge

Not on a fixed rate



On a fixed rate

Up to 10% of the outstanding balance each calendar year (January to December)


    If you don’t use your full 10% allowance, you won’t be able to carry it over into future years.
    If you’re redeeming your mortgage (repaying everything you owe), or transferring to a new deal where you must pay an early repayment charge, you won’t be able to use the 10% allowance.
    If you would like to overpay more than 10% of your fixed rate mortgage loan in a calendar year, you can find out what your early repayment charge will be in your original mortgage offer, annual mortgage statement or Online Banking.

    You can make single or regular overpayments

    • Make single overpayments any time.
    • Make regular payments by Direct Debit (which you can cancel at any time).


    How much could you save?

    Overpayments calculator

    If you’re looking to reduce your monthly payments or pay your mortgage off sooner, making an overpayment to your mortgage may help you do it

    Get started


    How to make an overpayment

    Online Banking

    Make an overpayment when it suits you. Log on, select your mortgage account and then ‘Manage my mortgage'.


    Log on

    Mobile Banking

    You can now set up, edit and cancel regular overpayments in our mobile app

    Don’t have our mobile app? You can download our app for your phone or device, you can use the same details you use for Online Banking

    Get started


    By phone

    Speak to a member of our mortgage team

    0800 917 5630

    Lines are open 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday

    Flexible Offset mortgages

    You can also make overpayments in Online Banking

    Interest only mortgages

    You can make an overpayment to reduce your monthly payments online or by phone. If you want to reduce your mortgage term you’ll need to speak to us on 0800 783 9738

    You can view your mortgage using Online and Mobile Banking. See useful information about your mortgage as well as explore and secure a new deal for your existing mortgage, make overpayments, start the process to change your term or repayment method, and borrow more.

    Sign up for Online and Mobile Banking

    If you have a Santander current account, savings account or credit card as well as your mortgage, sign up here

    If you only have a Santander mortgage, sign up here

    You'll need your mortgage account number which you can find on your annual statement or on any letter from us about your mortgage. You must enter your mortgage account number exactly as it appears, so please have it handy before you get started.

    If you need help please call us on 0800 077 8592.

    How to change your mortgage term or repayment method

    If you already have Online Banking you can work out the maximum term you can have on your mortgage and see the impact on your monthly payments if you reduce or extend your mortgage term. What’s more you can start the process online to change your mortgage term or repayment method from capital and interest to interest only, before continuing your application over the phone.



    Start the process online then we’ll arrange to continue your application by phone. Log on, select your mortgage account and then ‘Manage my mortgage'.

    Log on

    If you don’t have Online Banking, or you'd prefer to talk to us about changing your mortgage term or repayment method, you can call us. 


    By phone

    Speak to a member of our mortgage team

    0800 051 5579

    Lines are open 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday

    You may want to use our changes to my existing mortgage calculator first to see the impact on your monthly mortgage payments. 

    Before you talk to a Mortgage Adviser you’ll need several documents to hand. Take a look at what you’ll need. 

    If you want to add or remove someone from your mortgage we’ll need to make sure you can still afford the payments after we make the change. To do this we’ll look at your income and outgoings.


    Budget calculator

    Work out how much you spend each month

    Take a look

    As part of your application you’ll have to:

    • pay a £95 fee on completion and
    • appoint a solicitor and pay any associated costs.


    How to amend a borrower

    By phone

    Speak to a member of our mortgage team – you’ll need to have your budget calculations to hand

    0800 051 5579

    Lines are open 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday

    You may be able to let your property if:

    • you’ve had your Santander mortgage for more than 6 months; and
    • you’re not in arrears on your mortgage payments.


    How to let your property

    By phone

    Speak to a member of our mortgage team

    0800 917 5630

    Lines are open 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday

    Change of address

    To change your address we’ll need a recent utility bill. 

    Change of name

    To change your name we’ll need a copy of your new and old signature and one of the following:

    • marriage certificate
    • decree absolute
    • birth certificate
    • change of name deed
    • civil partnership certificate.

    In certain situations we may need some more information from you, but if we do, we’ll let you know.

    How to change your personal details

    You need to write to us to let us know what you would like to change with the right documents.


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    Alliance & Leicester mortgages
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    Important information for customers with an interest only mortgage ending between 20 March 2020 and 31 October 2021: find out more 

    It’s important you have a repayment plan in place to repay your interest only mortgage when it ends. If you don’t have a plan, you can think about these options:

    Switch to repaymentConvert part or all of your interest only mortgage to repayment so it pays off the interest and the capital.
    Make overpaymentsMake overpayments on your mortgage to reduce the capital balance. You can do this easily online using Online or Mobile Banking
    Sell your homeIf you’re planning to sell your home you should put your house on the market 6 months before your mortgage ends. Make sure once you’ve sold your home you’ll have enough money to pay off your mortgage and money left over to buy another home.
    Take a lifetime mortgage

    A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your home with no need to make monthly payments. Any unpaid interest is added to the loan, which will increase the amount you owe.
    Santander doesn't offer lifetime mortgages, but we've partnered with Legal & General to offer their lifetime mortgage.
    Learn more about lifetime mortgages with Legal & General
    Call us to discuss Legal & General lifetime mortgages
    0800 012 1583 (option 3)

    If you can’t afford to pay back the mortgage balance outstanding at the end of your mortgage term, you may have to sell your property or face repossession.

    If you want to talk to us about making changes to your interest only mortgage please call us on 0800 012 1583.

    If you are experiencing financial difficulties or your interest only mortgage is ending and you can’t repay, call us on 0800 731 6650. If we’re not able to assist you there may be other external options available.
    If you would like free and independent advice, you can contact these organisations:

    The Money Advice Service

    Citizen's Advice Bureau

    The National Debtline

    Call 0808 808 4000 or visit The National Debtline site

    The StepChange Debt Charity

    Call 0800 138 1111 (free from all mobiles) or visit the StepChange site 

    Changing deals

    If your Buy to Let mortgage is coming to an end you can change deal online or over the phone. See our changing deals section for more information on how to do this.

    Landlord responsibilities

    There a number of things you need to take into account when letting a property. You can find out what your responsibilities are as a landlord on the government’s renting out a property pages

    Paying tax on your let properties

    The amount of tax you pay on Buy to Let properties is changing and could reduce the amount of income you earn from your Buy to Let properties.

    For more information about these changes visit the government’s Buy to Let pages

    Portfolio landlords

    If you have 4 or more mortgaged Buy to Let properties you’re a portfolio landlord. There are no changes to existing Buy to Let mortgages with us, and you’ll be able to switch to a new product once your existing deal expires (subject to standard criteria), but we won’t be able to offer you a Buy to Let mortgage on a new property.

    The Bank of England base rate is the official interest rate set by the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee. Banks and building societies use the base rate to calculate interest rates for some mortgage products.

    What is the Bank of England base rate?

    The Bank of England base rate is currently 0.10%.

    What is the Santander Follow-on Rate (FoR)?

    Santander’s FoR is currently 3.35% (the Bank of England base rate plus 3.25%).

    What is the Santander Standard Variable Rate (SVR)?

    Santander’s SVR is currently 4.34%.

    What is the Alliance & Leicester SVR?

    Alliance & Leicester’s SVR is currently 4.34%.

    How does a change in the Bank of England base rate affect me?

    This depends on your type of mortgage.

    Follow-on Rate (FoR)

    Santander’s FoR is a variable rate that all mortgage deals taken after 23 January 2018 will automatically move to after the deal period finishes. The FoR tracks, and is directly linked to, the Bank of England base rate, meaning it can go up or down.

    Find out more about Santander’s Follow-on Rate

    Standard Variable Rate (SVR)

    SVR is the rate that all mortgage deals taken before 23 January 2018 will automatically move to after the deal period finishes.

    Both the Santander and Alliance & Leicester SVRs are managed rates and not linked to the Bank of England base rate. 

    Both SVRs are variable rates so payments could move up or down.

    Tracker rate mortgage

    Tracks the Bank of England base rate for a set period of time. Your monthly payment will go up or down depending on movements to the base rate, so you need to be sure that you would be able to afford the payments should interest rates increase.

    Lifetime Tracker and Flexible Offset mortgages are guaranteed to track the Bank of England base rate for the life of the mortgage.

    Fixed rate mortgage

    If you choose a mortgage deal where you fix your interest rate your monthly payments will stay the same.

    You’re protected from increases to the Bank of England base rate during the deal term. You won’t be able to take advantage of any decreases to the base rate during the fixed deal term. 


    If you're not sure what type of mortgage you have, you can check your original mortgage offer, annual mortgage statement or the mortgage account details in Online Banking.

    Worried about interest rate changes affecting you?

    • Use our mortgage calculator to work how a change to the Bank of England base rate could change your monthly mortgage payments.
    • Use our budget planner to work out your monthly spending and see where you could make some savings.
    • If you’re coming to the end of your existing deal, on the Standard Variable Rate, Follow-on Rate or on a deal with no early repayment charge you could choose a new deal. Take a look at our changing deals section

    If you’re still worried about a change in your interest rate and how it might impact you, we can help


    Applications are subject to status and lending criteria. Applicants must be UK residents aged 18 or over.

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