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Your journey with the Financial Support team

Your journey with the Financial Support team

Step 1:

Speak to us as early as you can. We know this might be difficult, but our financial care specialists are here to help. We offer support specific to you. Missing a payment can impact your credit file. Speaking to us early can help to reduce that impact. Simply talking to us will not impact your credit file.

Step 2:

Be open and honest when speaking to us. We know some customers have medical or personal situations impacting their ability to manage their finances. We may ask a lot of questions to understand your situation. This might include asking you to fill out a budget planner, because we need to be sure that any outcome we agree is right for you.

Step 3:

We’ll talk you through the options available based on our conversation. These options might include:

  • A repayment plan to reduce what you owe over a few months
  • 30 days breathing space to take free independent advice 

We tailor these options to you once we have completed a budget planner. Any arrangements will show on your credit file. If you don’t get in touch, a third party may contact you on our behalf.

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