When you give your card details for things like online streaming services (such as Netflix), subscriptions following a free trial, payday loans and insurance renewals you’re agreeing a future-dated card payment.

This sort of payment lets you authorise a retailer to take future payment(s) from your account using your card number. It’s sometimes referred to as a ‘recurring transaction’ or ‘continuous payment authority’.

How they work
You can set them up online, in person or by phone by giving your card details. Payment amounts and dates can be variable. When your card expires or is blocked and then reissued, the company can get the new card information to continue taking payments.

Cancelling a subscription or recurring transaction
The easiest way to stop future payments is to get in touch with the company and cancel your subscription or agreement with them. They should confirm that your recurring payment authorisation has been cancelled as well as the date this will take effect from.

If you haven’t been able to stop future payments by talking to the company, we can stop them for you. We’ll stop card payments to the company name that you give us, though this may impact other payments you may want to make to them. For example, if you asked us to stop Amazon Prime payments from your card, a different payment to Amazon could also be stopped.

It's important that you contact the company to cancel your arrangement with them. If you don't, they may still be able to take a payment from your card if they use a different company name. 

If you want us to stop your payments, or you’ve previously stopped payments and changed your mind, then please contact us

How can I raise a dispute? 
If you’ve previously cancelled your subscription or recurring transaction but a further payment has been taken, please see our disputing a credit or debit card transaction page for more information.

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