Financial Education

What we’ve done so far

Since January 2022, our materials for teaching about numbers and money have been used by more than:

  • 2.5 million 5-16 year olds
  • 100,000 teachers
  • 8,300 schools 


We spoke to parents and teachers whose children and young adults had learnt about money with our help. 93% said these young people were more confident with numbers than before.

This is thanks to our partnership with Twinkl's teachers, parents and carers. And also to our past and present ambassadors, Rio Ferdinand, The F2Freestylers, Jenson Button, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill and Ant & Dec. 

To find out more, watch our film starring Ant & Dec




Watch our film below featuring Ant & Dec to find out more

Find out more about The Numbers Game


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Let’s celebrate learning about numbers and money

We want to show and celebrate the schools that are teaching their students about money. So, in June 2023, we launched our Financial Education Recognition Scheme. Already, 200 schools and teachers have signed up.

Find out more about the scheme with our partners, Twinkl.





Driving children and young adults to learn STEM subjects

In partnership with Twinkl and Ferrari, we’ve created inspiring materials for learning about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM subjects). Backed up with films of Ferrari drivers, mechanics and engineers.  
Since 2022, we’ve connected:

  • with 1 million 5-16 year olds around the world
  • with more than 650 learning materials in 22 countries
  • in 9 languages

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Why learning about money matters to us

In research we did in March 2023:

  • 75% of UK adults we spoke to said they learnt little or nothing about money at school
  • 70% of UK adults we spoke to said if they'd learnt more about money they'd have managed better during the cost of living crisis
  • 67% of young people we spoke to said they believed not knowing about money had led them into debt.

Our Financial Education Initiative

Making teaching about numbers and money in English primary schools the law


In April 2024, with our partners Twinkl and the Social Market Foundation, we launched our Financial Education initiative. Our work guides people making policy on how to embed teaching about money into English primary schools.
We sponsored a report by the Social Market Foundation. It looks at the barriers to teaching about money in English primary schools and shows how the government can overcome these.
We also partnered with educational publishers Twinkl, who created an easy-to-use primary school curriculum. This inspires and equips teachers to educate about money. 
View our Financial Education Initiative.




At Westminster, our CEO, Mike Regnier, tells the attendees why we must teach about money in primary schools.

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