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We're helping children and young people build their confidence in numbers and money through our programme, The Numbers Game.

Our aim is to become a financial education leader by 2025. One of the ways we want to do this is by helping to make financial education compulsory for primary schools in England. And making it accessible for all teachers, parents and students across the UK.

We’ve worked with our educational partner Twinkl to help over 2.3 million children and young people become more confident using numbers and money since January 2022. 

We’ve made numeracy and literacy more fun and engaging, as we worked alongside teachers, parents and carers, and our ambassadors too. Our ambassadors include Rio Ferdinand, The F2 Freestylers, Jenson Button, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, and now Ant & Dec. In fact, 93% of teachers and parents surveyed told us that their students are now more confident with numbers.

To find out more about our programme with Twinkl, visit their website

Watch our film below featuring Ant & Dec to find out more 


The next phase of The Numbers Game

Working with Twinkl, and with the help of Ant & Dec, we’ve now launched free and accessible learning materials for all schools and homes in the UK to provide essential financial education, and help build money confidence.

Research we carried out in March 2023 shows that: 

  • 75% of UK adults said they received inadequate or non-existent financial education at school.
  • There are strong links between financial literacy and poverty. 46% suffering from financial difficulties cite poor money management skills as a contributing factor.

We believe every child and young person should get a financial education. Our goal is to inspire every school in the UK to give one to their students. 

We want to celebrate the great work schools have put into financial education so far. Which is why we're introducing our Financial Education Recognition Scheme. This lets schools acknowledge the time and effort they’re investing in their students' financial futures.

We know being part of the scheme means taking precious time out of the teaching day. Which is why we want to make sure each school gets a little extra for taking part. 

Schools will get to enjoy these perks

  • A Financial Education Recognition Scheme certificate and digital badge.
  • Exclusive Ant & Dec videos to use on websites or in newsletters.
  • The chance to help shape the future of financial education in the UK.
  • A box of limited edition Twinkl mugs (for early adopters).
  • Opportunities for ambassadors of the scheme to visit your school. 
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