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Annual travel insurance

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What is annual travel insurance?

If you’re planning on travelling abroad or in the UK more than once in the next year, then an annual travel insurance policy could cost you less. 

Annual travel insurance:

  • covers all your trips
  • takes away the hassle of arranging a new policy each time you go away, and
  • offers optional extensions at an extra cost (such as winter sports, cruise, golf and business). 

Annual travel insurance is part of our travel insurance. You can choose to take out either annual multi trip or single trip cover to suit your needs. 

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Annual travel cover benefits

Rated 5 star in 2023

for quality by Moneyfacts.


Online discount

Santander customers get a 30% discount when applying online.


Unlimited medical cover

We’ll cover the cost of medical treatment while you’re abroad if you get sick or injured. Limitations and exclusions may apply.


How does annual travel insurance work?

  • Annual travel insurance covers you for every trip you take in a 12-month period. 
  • You can choose between a European or worldwide policy to suit you. Each policy also takes into account the higher costs of medical treatment. 
  • It’s available to customers aged 74 years and under. If you are aged over 74, you might want to choose single trip cover
  • It covers you for up to 31 days in a row and up to 180 days in a year.
  • You can also choose to add optional extras including the winter sports extension – you’ll be covered for up to 21 days a year doing winter sports. 
  • Annual travel cover is part of our travel insurance. To get annual travel cover, you’ll need to get a quote for travel insurance. You’ll then have the option to choose between annual or single trip.

The best time to get travel insurance is as soon as you book your trip, as cancellation benefits will begin as soon as the policy starts. However, if you won’t be making more than one trip a year you might want to consider a single travel policy.


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What's covered by annual travel insurance

If your luggage is lost, damaged or stolen

We’ll pay up to £2,000 for repair and replacement costs if your luggage is damaged, lost or stolen. The amount of £2,000 relates to personal property, with a single item limit of £300. This excludes money, passports or valuables left unattended (unless locked away). We’ll also pay £200 if it was delayed for at least 12 hours on your outward journey.  

If you have to cancel or cut your trip short

We’ll pay up to £5,000 if you have to cancel your trip or cut it short due to circumstances you were unaware of when you took out the policy. We’ll refund the cost of travel, accommodation and any pre-paid tours you didn’t use. We’ll also pay for accommodation and travel to get you home to the UK. We’ll only do this if someone you’re travelling with dies, or suffers a serious injury or illness.

If you get sick or injured

We’ll cover the cost of medical treatment while you’re abroad if you get sick or injured. Any medical treatment you receive must be within a year of the injury or illness first happening. Limitations and exclusions may apply. 

Covers all your trips for a year

You can go away for up to 31 days in a row, and up to 180 days in total in one year. You can buy an extension which means you can be away for 62 days in a row. If you do this, there’s no limit to the number of days you can be away in a year. 

To see what’s not covered by travel insurance, take a look at the table on our travel insurance page