Step 4: Estate agents


While most people sell their homes through an estate agent, there has been a movement over recent years of people selling their homes themselves. Certainly the internet has made this option more accessible, providing an easy advertising route for people looking to sell their homes themselves.

However, you should think about it carefully if selling your own home is something you are considering. Do you have the time, on top of other commitments, to spend marketing your home? Can you bargain hard with potential buyers to get to the best price? Below are some of the points worth taking into consideration.


Estate agents

The pros:
  • Local knowledge and experience
  • Deals with photos and advertising
  • Arranges viewings and handles questions from potential buyers
  • Provides an estimate of your home’s value
  • May have buyers already lined up
The cons:
  • Fees to sell your home
  • Contract may tie you in to only using them

If you decide to use an estate agent it’s always a good idea to get recommendations from friends and family.

You may also want to ask some questions to make sure you know what they’ll do for you and what’s included, for example:

  • What asking price will they look to achieve?
  • How much will they charge and what’s covered in their fee?
  • How many homes like yours have they sold?
  • How and where will they advertise your home?
  • What type of contract will they use?

Sell your home yourself

The pros:
  • No fees to pay
  • Many online marketing sites can help you sell your home privately
The cons:
  • Can be time consuming
  • You’ll need to take the photos and advertise your home yourself
  • You’ll need to arrange the viewings
  • You’ll need to negotiate yourself


If you use an estate agent you’ll need to sign a legally binding contract. There are a number of contract types to look out for:  


Sole selling


Only that estate agent can sell your home, so even if you find a buyer yourself you’d still need to pay their fees.


Sole agency


Again only that estate agent can sell your home, but if you find a buyer yourself you don’t need to pay their fees.


Joint agency


Two estate agents work together to sell your home and share the fees irrespective of which one finds the buyer.


Multiple agencies


You have several estate agents selling your home, but only the agent who sells your home gets the fees. This type of contract normally has a higher fee attached to it.

Important Information


All applications are subject to status and our lending criteria. This means that the amount we’ll lend you will depend on your individual circumstances, the type of property and the amount you borrow. For example, we may require a bigger deposit if you’re buying a flat or new build property.