Bank of England base rate - useful information

Following the Bank of England Base Rate increase to 0.50% on 2 November, we can confirm the following:

  • Santander’s SVR will increase by 0.25% to 4.74% from the beginning of December.
  • Alliance & Leicester’s SVR will remain unchanged at 4.74%. As a result, customers with an Alliance & Leicester mortgage will see no change to their monthly mortgage payments.
  • In line with the increase to the Bank of England base rate, all tracker mortgage products linked to base rate will increase by 0.25%. These new rates will be used to calculate mortgage repayments from the beginning of December 2017. 

If your mortgage is affected by these changes we will write to you to confirm the change to your interest rate and how much your new monthly payment will be. You will receive this letter at least 5 days before your monthly payment changes.

What is the Bank of England base rate?

The Bank of England base rate can go up or down and is announced by the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee.

Banks and building societies use the base rate when calculating their interest rates for some mortgage products.

How does the Bank of England base rate affect me?

Base rate tracker mortgage If you have a Santander or Alliance & Leicester base rate tracker mortgage it will track above or below the Bank of England base rate, and rise and fall in line with the base rate. 
Standard Variable Rate mortgage If you have a Santander or Alliance & Leicester Standard Variable Rate (SVR) mortgage you may be affected by changes to the Bank of England base rate. Santander and Alliance & Leicester SVRs are managed rates and are not directly linked to the base rate. Changes to our SVRs may not be in line with, or at the same time as, changes to the Bank of England base rate, as other factors can also influence the rates we set.
Fixed rate mortgage If you currently have a Santander or Alliance & Leicester fixed rate mortgage, your rate does not change and your monthly payments will remain the same until the end of your mortgage deal. If you're not sure when your mortgage deal ends, you will find it on your latest Annual Mortgage Statement, within the mortgage section in Online Banking or on your original Key Facts Illustration.

If you're not sure what type of mortgage you have, you can check your original Key Facts Illustration to find out.

What can I do if I am worried about how a change in interest rates will affect me?

  1. You can work out how a change to the rate will impact your monthly mortgage payments by using our calculator.


  2. You can then use our handy budget planner to work out your outgoings. This will show you how much you spend compared to what you have coming in and what you have left each month. You can then consider where you may be able to make a change to your outgoings if you need to.

    Budget planner

  3. If you are coming to the end of your existing deal, are on a Standard Variable Rate mortgage or a deal with no early repayment charge you may be considering a new deal. You can see what deals are available to you online.

    Change deal

  4. If you're still worried about a change in your interest rate and how you will make your monthly mortgage payments, we can help.


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