Changes to your Santander Credit Cards

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We’ve made some changes to your Data Protection Statement to include more information about how we use automated decision making to make decisions about you. We’ve also made changes to tell you how we share and sell anonymised data in the Santander group of companies and outside it, for statistical analysis, research and other business purposes. This data can’t be used to identify you. 

These changes apply to all personal data we hold for you in relation to any product or account you have with us. There are no changes to how you use your account.

We may have already contacted you to tell you about these changes. They won’t come into effect until you receive that notification. 

For more details on how we use your information, please read the full statement (45 KB)

From 1 February 2017 all 1|2|3 Credit Card customers receive the following benefits:


You could earn up to £3 a month cashback in each of the categories below. 

  • 1% cashback at all major supermarkets (on spend of up to £300 per month) 
  • 2% cashback at all major department stores (on spend of up to £150 per month) 
  • 3% cashback at all major petrol stations and on National Rail and Transport for London (TfL) travel (on combined spend of up to £100 per month) 

Standard interest rate

The standard interest rate increased from 12.7% (variable) to 15.9% (variable). The change is only for your standard interest rates for purchases or balance transfers, so any existing balances on introductory or promotional rates will stay the same until the end of the introductory or promotional period. If your standard interest rate is currently higher than 12.7% (variable), you will not be impacted by this change.

0% foreign transaction fee

The foreign transaction fee is 0% until further notice. This means you won’t pay any foreign transaction fees when you use your credit card abroad for purchases paid in the local currency. 

A £3 monthly fee applies. 

We wrote to all of our 1|2|3 Credit Card customers in 2017 explaining the changes in full and how your individual circumstances will be affected. 

Is the 1|2|3 Credit Card still right for you?

You can see how much cashback you've been earning in each category on your monthly statement or in Online Banking, and you can use our calculator below to check how much cashback you could earn in the future, based on your monthly spend. 

Cashback calculator 

Check our list of retailers to see where you can earn cashback.

Where can I earn cashback?

If you no longer feel the 1|2|3 Credit Card is right for you, please see our full range of credit cards. You'll find all the information you need online, or you can talk to us in branch or by calling the number below.

Questions about these changes?

If you have any questions about these changes, would like to talk about your options, or want to close your account please call us on 0800 9 123 123.

What happens if I want to close my account? 

If you feel the 1|2|3 Credit Card no longer meets your needs you can repay your outstanding balance and close your account at any time without any additional charges. 

If I decide to cancel my 1|2|3 Credit Card what happens to any 1|2|3 World offers I am currently benefiting from? 

Your existing 1|2|3 offer(s) won't be impacted by this change and will continue to run (under the same Terms and Conditions). However, once you have cancelled your 1|2|3 Credit Card you won’t qualify for any further 1|2|3 World offers unless you hold another qualifying product (for qualifying products look at our 1|2|3 World page). 

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