Changes to your credit card

Retailer Offers has closed

From 17 November 2022, Retailer Offers is no longer available with your current account or credit card.

We've launched our new rewards service, Santander Boosts. You can sign up and use Santander Boosts for free if you have a debit or credit card with us and you’re aged 18 or over. Other terms and conditions apply and more information is available on our Santander Boosts webpage.

What do you need to know about the closure of Retailer Offers?

If you’ve activated an offer before 17 November 2022, you’ll be able to use it in line with its specific offer conditions. 

Final cashback payments will be made on or shortly after the last business day of January 2023 in line with the terms of the Retailer Offers service (2.33 MB)

You can also find more information about the closure on our Retailer Offers page.

From 12 September 2023, we’re changing some of our terms and conditions. This will apply to all Santander credit cards. We’re making the terms clearer and simpler to read.​

We’re moving terms around to make it easier for you to find the information you need.​

There are also changes to reflect our way of doing business.​

Please read the summary of changes we’re making (762 KB)

Take a quick look at our contact us page to find out the best way to contact us about your credit card.

From 30 January 2024, the maximum cashback you’ll be able to earn each month with the All in One Credit Card will be £10.

Cashback is calculated monthly and added to your account on your statement date for the following month. We’ve given some examples below to show how your cashback is calculated and the potential impact of this change if you spend more than £2,000 a month on your All in One Credit Card: 

Before the £10 maximum cashback is introduced: Your eligible purchases on your January statement add up to £3,000. 
We’ll then add £15 into your account on your statement date in February. That’s 0.5% of £3,000.

After the £10 maximum cashback is introduced: Your eligible purchases on your February statement also add up to £3,000. 
0.5% of £3,000 is £15, but the maximum amount you can earn is £10 a month. So we’ll add £10 into your account on your statement date in March. 

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