Our range of cash ISAs and stocks & shares ISAs are a tax efficient way to save and invest your money

The favourable tax treatment of ISAs may change in the future and is subject to individual circumstances.

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Fixed Rate ISAs

2 Year Fixed Rate ISA


  • 1.50% - 2.00% AER/tax-free (fixed) depending on the term.

  • Minimum opening deposit of £500. No partial withdrawals permitted.

  • On early closure, a penalty equivalent to 120 days' interest applies.




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Easy ISA

Easy ISA


  • 0.10% AER/tax-free (variable) on balances from £1.

  • Manage your account through online, mobile, branch or telephone.

Junior ISA

Junior ISA


  • 1.00% AER/tax-free (variable).

  • No withdrawals or closures are allowed until the account matures on the child's 18th birthday.

  • Junior ISA transfers between providers are allowed at any time.


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Inheritance ISA

Inheritance ISA


If you are the spouse or civil partner of Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) savers who died on or after 3 December 2014, this account will enable you to benefit from an additional ISA allowance known as an Additional Permitted Subscription (APS).


Stock and Shares ISA



Stocks and shares ISAs are a tax efficient way to invest in a fund. They give you the potential for higher returns than traditional savings accounts over the medium to long term (5 years or more). All investments carry varying degrees of risk to your money.



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