Your Juno: the 21 day investing challenge

Giving women and non-binary people the financial knowledge and confidence to build their wealth

Your Juno is an app designed to guide women and non-binary people on how to make more, spend less and start building wealth.

We’ve teamed up with Your Juno so you can improve your knowledge and gain control of your finances. With the 21-day challenge, we aim to build your confidence around investing and feel financially confident. 

Supporting our customers to build their wealth

Supporting our customers to build their wealth

We’re sponsoring 600+ customers to start a 21-day investment challenge with Your Juno for free. 

After taking the 21-day challenge, you’ll:



start building your financial well being


learn the golden rules and key mistakes to avoid around investing


understand ethical investing


have the confidence to make your first investment.



Of Your Juno members feel more confident with their finances after using the app


The amount that Your Juno members increased their savings by on average per year

How the 21-day challenge works


One lesson a day

In less than 8 minutes a day, you’ll build the knowledge and confidence to make your first investment.

Expert support

Ask any questions you have with a certified Santander Financial Adviser during their weekly office hours. 

You’ll also have a community of Your Juno members to support you along the way.


Win amazing rewards

When you finish the 21-day challenge, you’ll have the chance to win some amazing rewards. These include: 

  • a pair of AirPods Pro
  • dinner at your favourite restaurant
  • an Airbnb stay of your choice 
  • a £25 Pret voucher. 


Take the free challenge

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What Your Juno members have said:


This was a life-changing course
By ChristinaZ 

Every single person should take part. It’s incredible and empowering. I have learned so much and have consolidated my knowledge on aspects of money that I was unsure about, and I am now investing every month. I am far better off now financially than I would have been without it. 


Finally confident investing 
By Tanaypet

I’ve been wanting to invest for years, but every time I’d try, I’d feel overwhelmed. By following the 21 day process, I felt supported to make my first investment. I got to ask a financial advisor my questions, which helped me a lot. Now trying to get all girlfriends to become investors too!


Game Changer 
By Hannah12

Absolutely LOVED this challenge. I’ve learnt so much in a short space of time. The rewards you can get are amazing, I won a pair of AirPods. A lot of things I have learnt through this app are things I’ve been feeling confused about for years.