Investment Account

Hold investments outside an ISA

Investment Account

This product is most suited to you when

  • You’ve used up your ISA allowance
  • You want to transfer in existing investments from another provider


  • You’re 18 years of age or over
  • You’re a UK resident

Are you ready to invest?

  • Do you aim to invest for at least 5 years?
  • Are you happy taking a degree of risk with your capital?
  • Do you have savings to cover at least 3 months’ net income, any planned expenditure and enough for unplanned events?

Ways to invest

Digital Investment Adviser

For investments up to £20,000, our Digital Investment Adviser recommends which fund, from a limited range, is right for you. This service is accessed and managed through the Investment Hub.

It's easy to use, shows what you could potentially get back from investing and when you're happy you can buy your suitability report for £20.

Face-to-face advice


For investments over £20,000, our team of Financial Planning Managers may be able to offer you investment advice.

Our experts give you personalised advice and recommendations based on your situation.

Choose your own investment

Our Investment Hub makes it simple to open our Stocks and Shares ISA or an Investment Account.

Choose from a wide range of investment funds and start with either a lump sum or monthly payments. No advice is provided.

Why choose Santander?

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Investing not for you?

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