Double cashback - now get 4% instead of 2%

We’re temporarily doubling our cashback on our 2% category from September for 2 months


This means that you'll get to enjoy the following. 

  • 4% instead of 2% on gas and electricity bills, for all qualifying Select, Private, 1|2|3 and 1|2|3 Lite current accounts.
  • As well as on your gas and electricity bills, you’ll also earn 4% cashback on your Santander home and life insurance premiums for these accounts (polices provided by Aviva).
  • We’ll also be doubling the cap on the above category from £5 to £10.

Please take a look at the information below to learn more about the double cashback. 

  • The cashback rates and caps for water bills, paid-for TV, communications, and Santander Mortgage payments will remain unchanged.
  • Cashback is paid on Direct Debit payments made directly to the provider.
  • Bills for LPG/Calor Gas are not eligible for cashback, as stated on our website.
  • The above increased cashback rates and caps are temporary and for the period stated. 

What you need to do

We won’t ask you to do anything differently. This is just a thank you from us!

As a reminder, to earn cashback you’ll need to:

  • set up two active Direct Debits
  • pay in £500 per month (excluding transfers from other Santander accounts)
  • pay your qualifying bill by Direct Debit
  • pay your monthly account fee.

How will it work?

  • You’ll see the double cashback in your October and November monthly statements. If you receive quarterly statements, you can see your monthly statement online.
  • We understand that each customer gets their bills and their statements at different times, so to see which bill will earn double cashback we’ve created some examples below.
  • Double cashback will be paid at the same time as your normal monthly cashback and will be included in the normal payment.
Day of the month your account statementsDirect Debits that earn double cashback and paid in OctoberDirect Debits that earn double cashback and paid in November 
Your account statement on the 1st of the monthDirect Debits between 01/09/22 to 30/09/22Direct Debits between 01/10/22 to 31/10/22
Your account statement on the 15th of the monthDirect Debits between 15/09/22 to 14/10/22Direct Debits between 15/10/22 to 14/11/22

Your account statement on the 30th of the month

Direct Debits between 30/09/22 to 29/10/22Direct Debits between 30/10/22 to 29/11/22

What else you need to know?

Please note that at times Direct Debit collection dates may vary, which can lead to your Direct Debit being collected outside of your statement period (for example where a Direct Debit collection date falls on a Saturday or Sunday).  In this instance, this may impact the amount of double cashback you earn due to the cap being applied the following month.

If you qualify for the cashback but move to another account or close your account prior to the cashback being paid, you will not receive the double cashback. 

We reserve the right to remove the offer at any time and without notice. All terms and conditions will continue to apply unaltered and in full force and effect.

To find out more about our current accounts or switching to us, please visit our current accounts page.

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