Cashback abroad this summer

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Cashback when using your credit card abroad in a local foreign currency
Cashback abroad this summer 2022



Earn 1% cashback when you spend with us

Spend at least £500 abroad in the local currency between 13 June and 18 September 2022 to earn 1% cashback on the total spend over the period. You can earn up to £100 cashback.

How it works

  • You must have a Santander Mastercard® credit card but you don’t need to do anything to qualify for the cashback other than spend a minimum of £500 on your credit card abroad. 
  • You need to make your purchases on the same card in the local currency while you’re abroad. (you can’t spread the qualifying amount of £500 across various Santander credit cards).
  • If you have an additional cardholder on your card, you would each need to spend at least £500 abroad in the local currency for each cardholder to qualify for cashback. Please see our ‘More information’ section below for examples of how this works.
  • We’ll calculate your cashback for each card per person and will pay it to your card in September. 
  • Read our dedicated terms and conditions (45 KB)

Foreign exchange fees
Your card may incur a charge when you spend in a foreign currency. Take a look at our credit cards and travelling page to learn more. 

Additional cardholders

To get an idea of how cashback works with an additional cardholder, please see our examples below.


Example 1

The primary cardholder spends £400 in Spain, plus the additional cardholder spends £200 on the same trip. This wouldn’t qualify for cashback, as neither card holder has spent the minimum amount of £500.

Example 2​​

The primary cardholder spends £600 in Australia, and the additional cardholder spends £800 on the same trip. Both cardholders have qualified for cashback and they’ll receive 2 cashback payments. 1% cashback on the £600 the primary cardholder spent and 1% on the £800 the additional cardholder spent.

Example 3

The primary cardholder spends £700 in USA, and the additional cardholder spends £100 on the same trip. The primary cardholder has qualified for cashback and will receive 1% cashback on the £700 spent in USA. The additional cardholder hasn’t spent the minimum amount to qualify (£500), so won’t get cashback.

Reporting your card lost or stolen

Please visit our lost or stolen cards page to find out how to report or freeze your missing or damaged card.

If you get a replacement card from us any qualifying transactions on both the old and new card will still be eligible. Cashback will be paid as normal in September 2022.

What’s not included?

You can earn cashback when you make purchases abroad in the local currency. This means that none of the below qualify for cashback:

  • balance transfers
  • cash advances
  • travellers’ cheques
  • foreign currency and money orders
  • direct debit or standing orders paid into the account.




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